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superior grocers shooting

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Multiple people were injured in a mass shooting that took place outside Superior Grocers grocery store in Los Angeles, California, according to ABC7.

According to the television station, the shooting occurred at a strip mall in Los Angeles on December 31, 2021, New Year’s Eve. Details were still unfolding. At least six people were injured, ABC7 reported.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “two men shot into a Superior Grocers market.” They drove to the front entrance, got out of their vehicle and “shot into the store,” the Times reported, saying they were described by police as being about 25 years old. The motive is not clear, but there was an argument before the shooting, the newspaper reported.

According to The Times, three women and three men were wounded. Four people were taken to the hospital, and two of those victims are in critical condition, the newspaper reported. The others are in serious condition.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some People Were Shot, But Others Had Graze Wounds, Reports Say

According to ABC7, “multiple people are being rushed to the hospital.”

The television station reported that some of the people were shot and some “suffered graze wounds” and a glass injury. One woman was shot in the back, according to the television station.

The suspect or suspects are not clear at this time; motive is not clear either. The address where the shootings occurred is 10211 S. Avalon Blvd., Los Angeles.

A Man May Have Opened Fire Inside the Grocery Store

Reports were preliminary, but CBS Los Angeles reported that the shooting occurred around 4 p.m. on the west coast.

“Early reports from law enforcement indicated that a man had opened fire inside the market,” the station reported, adding that one victim was shot in the head. Other reports had indicated the shooting took place outside the store. That contradiction was unclear as the information was preliminary.

Authorities have not yet confirmed those details. A possible suspect was taken into custody, reported the television station, which added that employees of the grocery store hid in a vault room to escape the shooter.

CBS initially reported that it was a triple shooting.

The shooting reports come after the nation has seen a series of mass shootings, most recently a shooting at tattoo parlors in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado. The suspect in that shooting was named as Lyndon McClay, who had extremist writings on social media and who died at one of the scenes. The condition of the victims in the Los Angeles shooting is not yet known; nor are their names released.

What is Superior Grocers? “Superior Grocers opened its first store in Covina, California in 1981. Since then, Superior has grown to over 47 stores throughout Southern California. We have prospered in neighborhoods where others failed because of our commitment to, and investment in, the communities we serve,” the company’s website says. “Superior Grocers is one of the largest independently-owned chains of grocery stores in Southern California. Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices with exceptional customer service. You can always count on excellent value, variety, and quality when you shop at Superior Grocers. We are dedicated to building a community of loyal customers, vendors and staff where food shopping is fun and the spirit and love of family guide our actions.”

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