These toy cars are seriously cool, with both impressive replicas and cool RC cars to play with.

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Just because he’s small doesn’t mean he won’t have a big presence on the toy market.

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From video games to educational toys to cool RC and tech toys, these are the hottest new toys of the year.

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With Jurassic World being so successful this year, dinosaur toys are going to become the most sought after toys for birthdays and holidays.

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Whether you’re looking for the coolest RC car, best outdoor toy, or coolest robot, we’ve got you covered.

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Check out the best new toys for Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and the rest of your favorite characters from Pixar’s newest hit.

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Use your new Jurassic World jeep to escape from your new Indominus Rex figure!

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This little guy is just 2.4 cm tall. I’d name him something ironic…like Titanic or Robotron 5000.

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Here are some great interactive dog toys that your dog will adore. They are great for keeping a bored dog busy.

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Your kids don’t have to stare at a screen to have fun, as there are plenty of great toys that also teach.

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You can score some cool-looking Skylanders for under $6.00 right now.

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How about a 3-foot tall Darth Vader you can use to greet your house guests? Or a color-changing lightsaber? Get ready to geek out over these great Star Wars toys!

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Love new gadgets? Here are some cool gadgets and gizmos that will definitely impress you.

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Mattel and Google have teamed up to update the classic View-Master toy.

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Looking for a great RC quadcopter to play around with or use with your business? We’ve got you covered.

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There’s nothing as satisfying as hitting the waves with a speedy remote-controlled boat. Here are the best RC boats currently available from Traxxxas, Pro Boat, and more.

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