Sonic Jump: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Sonic Jump Tips

Sega made sure to push their biggest franchise character to the mobile video game space with Sonic Jump. Sonic The Hedgehog landed on mobile devices and hasn’t stopped running and jumping since. There’s running, jumping and ring collecting everywhere in this mobile platformer. This game may start off simple, but the hidden complexity can keep you off your toes if you’re not careful.

We’re going to throw 10 essential tips, tricks and cheats at you hardcore Sonic Jump players out there. By the end of this list, you’ll pocket more rings and beat every level in lesser times than your buddies.

And for you hardcore tech heads out there who’re looking to cheat a little bit, check out the Android smartphone friendly tutorial above.

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1. The Basics Behind Attacking Enemies

Sonic Jump Tips

Sonic makes his way up more than anything, so it’s good to know the best way to approach enemies. If you wanna keep all those rings you’ve collected, then make sure you smash into enemies from below while Sonic is still spinning in his little ball form. This is pretty Sonic knowledge but we’re gonna make sure you uninformed gamers know about it – if Sonic doesn’t have any rings in tow, the next hit will take him out.

2. There’s More Than One Character to Play With

Sonic Jump

Besides the titular blue hero, there’s more characters to play with. Your personal level progression helps you unlock more of Sonic’s longtime partners. At level 17, you’ll unlock Tails. At level 20, you’ll unlock Knuckles. Once you head to the store tab and click on the character tab, you’ll get to utilize your new characters. The updates for Sonic Jump also added a few more notable series characters that you can control – Amy Rose, Blaze The Cat (complete the Global Challenge mode), Rouge the Bat and Silver the Hedgehog.

3. Bank Your Rings As Much As Possible

Sonic Jump Tips

Your rings are your lifeline. Always keep your eyes out for safes so you can bank them and keep theme protected once you get harmed.

4. The Difference Between Arcade Mode and Story Mode explained the most important difference between the game’s main modes – Story and Arcade:

All of the levels in the Story mode are fixed and unchanging, so you can work through them safe in the knowledge that any restarts will be familiar. The Arcade mode is there for you to take part in an endless version of the game where the goal is simply to reach as high up in the sky as you can!

5. Purchase and Equip the Blast Off Ability ASAP

There’s an essential powerup that will get you off to a higher start point on any stage. Purchase and equip the Blast Off ability so you can take Sonic and his friends to a higher platform on any level.

6. Take Advantage of the Bounce Back Ability, Too

As for the Bounce Back ability, this boost will protect you from a single dangerous jump. Note that this boost can only be used one time during the current level you’re playing.

7. Here’s The Key to Getting The Best Rating on a Level

Sonic Jump Tips

When you’re making your stage run’s through Story Mode, keep an eye out for those huge red rings. Try and collect all three of those pickup’s on any level if you’re looking to get a perfect rating. They may be incredibly hard-to-reach, but nabbing them will give you the best score possible.

8. Know When to Use Those Double Jump’s

Sonic Jump Cheats

Double jumping is done by double tapping the screen. Use this ability sparingly since you don’t wanna jump too much to your doom. Time your jumps accordingly and make sure you use your double jumps at those super tricky platforms.

9. Here’s How to Get Through the Green Hill Zone and Jungle Zones

Sonic Jump – Green Hill Zone WalkthroughIntro = 0:18 Act 1 = 0:33 Act 2 = 1:25 Act 3 = 2:22 Act 4 = 3:27 Act 5 = 5:04 Act 6 = 6:11 Act 7 = 7:18 Act 8 = 8:21 Act 9 = 9:16 Act 10 = 10:27 Act 11 = 11:28 Boss = 12:232012-10-23T12:36:33.000Z

Sonic Jump – Jungle Zone WalkthroughAct 1 = 0:18 Act 2 = 1:04 Act 3 = 2:32 Act 4 = 3:25 Act 5 = 4:54 Act 6 = 5:57 Act 7 = 6:56 Act 8 = 7:30 Act 9 = 8:33 Act 10 = 9:27 Act 11 = 10:41 Boss = 11:252012-10-25T13:12:56.000Z

We’re gonna throw you guys a bone here with some zone walkthrough’s with these video tutorial videos. Check out the videos above for how to complete the Green Hill and Jungle Zones.

10. And Here’s Get Past All Those Bosses

All the bosses in Sonic JumpIf they added bosses in the updates then this video does not show that. It only shows the first three.2012-12-20T04:52:09.000Z

There’s boss waiting for Sonic and his furry friends at the end of every level. The video above will provide you with the correct methods needed to demolish this massive baddies.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Sonic Jump players, throw them in the comments section!

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