Original ‘Bioshock’ Making Its Way to iOS Devices (Interview with Brian Lowe, Sr. Producer at 2K Games)

Bioshock iOS

When the 1st Bioshock launched in 2007, gamers were introduces to something truly different and innovative in the world of video games. The dark atmosphere, 1960’s theme and decor and amazing plot moments all came together to form an amazing project that’s still beloved to this day.

2K Games is ready to introduce Bioshock to a new generation of gamers through Apple’s huge collection of current iOS devices. Later this summer, Bioshock will make its debut on several iOS compatible machines and be given a premium price.

We spoke with Brian Lowe, Sr. Producer at 2K and he gave us all some inside info on this mobile game port of a classic FPS:

Bioshock iOS

When did the discussions behind porting Bioshock to iOS devices begin?

Brian Lowe: We can’t provide specifics, but we were talking about it almost as soon the hardware was up for the challenge.

What elements from the console versions were taken out in order to make it work on mobile devices?

BL: A lot of hard work went into porting Unreal 2.5 to mobile, and due to power and file size limitations of the hardware, we had to make some minor changes to the graphical features (such as removing dynamic shadows, or changing the way fog is displayed). But all of the content from the first game is there, so players will still get the full, authentic BioShock experience. That said, we also added Bluetooth/MFi controller support, optimized touch-controls, leaderboards, a player profile that highlights the players in-game stats, and an in-app digital art book (based on the original book that was offered as part of the Collector’s Edition).

What physical controllers will be compatible with this mobile edition of Bioshock?

BL: BioShock for iOS offers full Made for iPhone (MFi) game controller support.

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Bioshock Mobile

Will there be an implementation of online leaderboards or any other ranking mechanics?

BL: BioShock for iOS will allow players to track their personal game stats that range from highlighting their most used weapons and plasmids, to breaking down how many enemies were killed, ADAM was harvested, etc. Beyond that, the player will also be able to use leaderboards to see how these stats stack up against their friends through Apple’s Game Center.

If this mobile version of Bioshock is a success, can fans look forward to playing the sequels on iOS devices as well?

BL: Right now we’re focusing on making BioShock for iOS the best game it can be on the mobile platform.

Bioshock iOS

You can all look forward to playing Bioshock on the following iOS devices real soon – the iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5.

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