‘XCOM: Enemy Within’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

XCOM Enemy Within

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for XCOM: Enemy Within!

1. Get Bench Depth

XCOM Enemy Within

• Relying on proven soldiers is fine, but at some point your A-Team will be down for injuries, and a Terror Mission is going to break out, and your available soldiers are going to be knee-knocking recruits. Focus on bringing Rookies into routine fights like crash mop-ups and abduction missions so that they get necessary experience. If something does happen to your best soldiers, you’ll have an understudy waiting for them in the wings.

2. Satellites, Satellites, Satellites

XCOM Enemy Within

• Orbital coverage is critical to victory. Focus on getting satellites up, prioritizing Engineer-awarding missions early on in the game.

3. Remember South America

• With only two countries needing satellite coverage in order to unlock the continent bonus, consider placing your primary base in North America or Asia, and put your first two satellites over South America. The instant autopsies and interrogations give you the fastest access to Gene Mods and Foundry Projects, giving your scientists critical time to focus on researching gear and priority research projects.

4. Invest your Meld

XCOM Enemy Within iOS

• Meld is a valuable resource, but don’t hoard it! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to capture it through the game. Don’t be afraid to invest early in Gene Mods or converting a MEC Trooper.

5. Dedicated Agent

XCOM Enemy Within

• Got an extra Sniper? Consider using him or her as a dedicated Covert Operative. Build out the soldier with pistol skills, give him or her the best pistol in the armory, and invest in a few Gene Mods, and your agent will be more than capable of helping out the extraction team.

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