Fortnite Hints at New Map (or Launch in China)

Fortnite China

Epic Games

Fortnite heavily hinted at either a new location or map in a tweet late Thursday night. The tweet shows a passport for Jonesy, who is the blonde haired individual we see on players without skins, stamped for April 23, 2018.

The text of the tweet says the Battle Bus is taking off and headed towards China and features blueprints in the photo. This seems to hint at a new location or even a new map. Epic Games has said they want to focus on their current map before setting their eyes on another map.

Fortnite could also be looking at an actual launch in China. Players are able to play Fortnite in China currently but will run into issues downloading it there. China has introduced strict loot box related laws which may have made launching Fortnite there difficult.

If this does end up being another map, it comes at a curious time. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds currently has two maps and is in the process of adding a third, but much smaller map. PUBG is regarded as Fortnite’s biggest competitor so this could be Epic Games looking to create more content in terms of maps.

The blueprint underneath the passport seem to resemble a building of sorts. The building doesn’t look like anything that is currently in the game so it certainly seems like it points to a new location.

With the upcoming comet impact we might be looking at a new location rising from the ashes of where the comet hits. With the latest patch we’ve been seeing more comets shooting through the sky so the end does seem near.

The current map has become pretty full with the addition of new locations, most recently Lucky Landing. If the comet does hit somewhere it does seem very possible it will destroy a location to make room for a new China-based one.

Players had an idea that the comet was going to decimate Tilted Towers on April 18 but that day has come and gone while the towers still stand. A new game mode called Impact has been datamined that will likely do something with the comet so we’ll likely find out more then. The new game mode hasn’t officially been announced yet so we don’t have much to share on it right now.

Season 3 wraps up April 30 so if something happens with these comets then it has to happen soon. As for what China can mean for the future of Fortnite, we’ll find out next week. Until then we can just speculate. Let us know what you think in the comments! Whether it’s a China launch or a new area will be revealed soon.

Fortnite has a double xp event going on this weekend that rewards players with twice the amount of experience than they’d normally receive for a match. The event runs through Sunday and will also apply to the return of the 50v50 mode.

Another dinosaur-themed skin released tonight when the item shop updated which means the Tomato Town guy skin is certainly on the way. Nearly every item that showed up in the initial datamine has made it into the game now except that skin. It’s just a matter of time now.

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