Fortnite “Daybreak” LTM Leaks: New Umbrella & Details

fortnite daybreak ltm

Epic Games

Time is a flat circle and it’s looking like Epic is getting ready to unleash a new PvE mode in Fortnite called Daybreak.

Instead of being a separate mode entirely like Save the World, Daybreak will be an LTM. This news comes following the v16.40 update, and who knows, perhaps this could end up expanding into a huge thing.

As part of the ongoing lawsuit with Apple, it was revealed that Epic had big plans for the future of Fortnite and wanted to expand a lot further than just the battle royale mode.

The new Daybreak LTM mode isn’t live yet, but we do have a lot of information about what to expect, so let’s dive right in and take a look.

Daybreak LTM Details

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, we have a lot of details about this upcoming mode. For starters, it appears there will be a bunch of new NPCs roaming around the island on top of the wolves and other wildlife.

He confirms the “ghosts” are actually going to similar to the Fortnitemares ghosts from the 2020 Halloween event.

There are also going to be quest givers that will give you objectives and quests to complete.

It sounds like the goal of this mode will be survival, so when you compare it to the Battle Royale mode, not much has changed there. The major change will be it’s PvE instead of PvP. However, there will still be a PvP option, so that’ll be interesting to keep an eye on.

It’s still tough to know exactly how it’s going to work without having the mode right in front of us, but you can certainly consider us interested. From the sounds of things, we’ll have to escape the island in some way, perhaps through a helicopter.

As an added incentive to actually play the LTM, Epic is handing out some rewards. This is similar to how Mando’s Bounty worked last season, so let’s take a look and see what you can get by trying something new.

Free Victory Umbrella

By winning a match in this LTM, you’ll be able to get a new Victory Umbrella for your locker.

You were also able to get a free umbrella by winning the Mando LTM from last season, so it’s the same thing as that was.

It’s a pretty cool looking umbrella and given that it’s free, there’s little reason to not give this mode a shot and see what it’s all about.

Whether this mode will evolve into something greater remains to be seen, but it seems obvious that Epic certainly wants to experiment. Remember, there’s an entire Creative mode scene where players create their own game types daily.

We don’t know when this LTM officially comes out, but we’re ready to see a new world of Fortnite. It’s entirely possible that this game will look a lot different even a year from now.

Fortnite has come a long way since its released and it’s constantly evolving. Maybe it could experience another rebirth when it rolls into Chapter 3, if that is indeed Epic’s plan going forward.

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