Abbe Lowell: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The “other woman” in the Petraeus sex scandal has brought in the big guns to help her navigate the fallout. And her new lawyer, D.C. power player Abbe Lowell, is the latest face to join the cast of characters in the sordid saga.

At first it seemed strange that Jill Kelley, the “victim” who received threatening emails from Petraeus’ mistress, needed to bring on legal aid at all — let alone the heavy-hitter who defended Bill Clinton. But then it surfaced she was having an “inappropriate” email correspondence with Gen. John Allen.

So who is this power-lawyer brought in to cover Kelley’s butt? Here’s what you should know about Abbe Lowell:

1. It is Unclear What his Job is with Jill Kelley

To this day, there have been no charges brought up against Kelley and it doesn’t seem like she has done anything legally wrong (Ethically though she falls somewhere between the Kardashians and the Lohans).

2. He Kept John Edwards Out of Jail

Honest Abbe helped former Senator John Edwards get out of his sex scandal legal fallout. The former North Carolina politician escaped a possible 30-year jail sentence when he was acquitted of using campaign contributions to cover up an extramarital affair.

3. He Helped Keep Bill Clinton in the White House

Lowell was on the legal counsel that defended President Clinton during the Lewinsky Sex scandal.

4. He Was on Counsel to Defend “Casino” Jack Abramoff

Jack Abramoff was a lobbyist at the center of a corruption scandal that included 11 other politicians, lobbyists and congressional aides. Kevin Spacey played Abramoff in the movie Casino Jack

5. He Unsuccessfully Ran for the Maryland House of Delegates
Lowell lost in 1982 when running for the Maryland House of Delegates as a democrat.

6. He Defended Jim Wright During Ethics Charges
Defended Congressman Jim Wright on ethics charges until Wright resigned in 1989.

7. He Helped Dan Rostenkowski Fight Mail Fraud Allegations
Lowell unsuccessfully defended Illinois Representative Dan Rostenkowski

8. He is the Reason Why No One Remembers that Gary Condit (Allegedly) Murdered a Lady

Remember how Gary Condit killed Chandra Levy and then 9/11 happened and everyone forgot? Abbe Lowell was part of the legal defense that got Gary acquitted.

9. He Unsuccessfully Defended Joseph McDade
McDade’s case inspired the “McDade Amendment.”

10. He is a Partner at Chadbourne and Parke LLP

US News named them one of the top law firms in the world.