Robin & Anne Korkki: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The bodies of two sisters were found September 22 at a luxury resort in Seychelles, an archipelago nation off of Africa’s east coast in the Indian Ocean.

According to an autopsy, Anne, 37, and Robin, 42, died of excess fluid in their lungs and brain. The reason why they may have had the condition remains a mystery.

The two were vacationing together at a luxurious villa that went for $1700 plus per night.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. They Were on a Trip of a Lifetime & Called it the ‘Best Trip Ever’

Annie Korkki, Robin Korkki

According to Seychelles Nation, the sisters planned on vacationing from September 15-22, but were apparently having such a wonderful time that they decided to extend the trip to September 24.

On September 20, Anne, who goes by “Annie.” posted a comment to Facebook that read, “Wish you were here…SERIOUSLY BEST TRIP EVER.”

Their brother, Chris Korkki, told the Star Tribune that his sisters were “healthy and adventurous,” and “definitely wanted to experience life to the fullest.” “Two things keep going through my mind: This isn’t happening, and we just want answers,” he told the publication.

2. They Were Helped Into Their Room the Night Before After Drinking Alcohol

A Seychelles police spokesperson, Jean Toussaint, said that the women had their own personal butler at the villa, and said they were helped to their room the night before they were found dead.

“What the police can say about the investigation so far is that the two sisters were consuming alcohol throughout the day,” Toussaint said, according Seychelles Nation. “And the last time they were seen drinking alcohol was at around quarter to seven and they were helped to their bedroom by hotel personnel at around 8.15 pm.”

The Today in Seychelles newspaper wrote on Facebook that the women were believed to be drunk after being seen at hotel bars throughout the day.

Toussaint said the sisters’ butler had arrived at the villa the morning of September 22, and noticed their sliding door was locked just as it had been the night before when he had checked. However, he noticed throughout the day that “there was still no movement” from the room and he informed personnel who called police.

Foul play is not suspected at this time. “There were no marks on them whatsoever,” Seychelles Tourism Minister Alain St Ange told NBC News. “They had a good time in the day and then they went to their room.”

A forensic pathologist at a nearby island performed the autopsy, and specimen samples from both women will be analyzed for toxicology, the Nation reported.

Medications were confiscated by authorities to aid in the investigation.

St Ange told NBC that the sister’s mother and brother traveled to Seychelles “and they are trying to find the cause” of death.

3. There Are Many Causes for the Condition They Died From

An autopsy performed on the sisters found that Robin passed away due to “acute pulmonary edema, which is excess fluid in the lugs, while Annie died of “acute pulmonary and cerebral edema,” The Denver Channel reported.

According to Medical News Today, the conditions can originate from several different causes ranging from heart problems or acute respiratory distress to medication issues.

“When we see pulmonary edema, it’s a non-specific finding you see in lots of different things,” Dr. Judy Melinek told the Chicago Tribune.”So if you have an elderly person, it could be from heart failure,” she explained.

She said poison or drug use could also be a cause.

4. Robin Was a Financial Trader in Chicago & Annie Worked for JP Morgan Chase

According to their LinkedIn profiles, both sisters worked in finance. Robin lived in Chicago and worked as a financial trader, while Annie Korkki lived in Denver as a senior administrative assistant at JPMorgan Chase.

The duo grew up in Minnesota and attended Eden Prairie High School, the Star Tribune reported.

Annie was also a figure skater, and skated with a “Denver Synchronicity Team”:

A Giveforward account was set up to assist the family members. You can donate here.

5. The Resort Is Described as Stunning With Flawless Service

Annie and Robin were vacationing in an exclusive villa at Maia Luxury Resort and Spa, where rates start at about $1700 per night.

The resort has received glowing reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia and Facebook.

“Absolutely amazing place! Service is incredible and the views are mind blowing,” Cindy Van Heerden posted on a review to Facebook September 10. “I spent my time in a villa nicely tucked away in nature with the sounds of birds, insects & crashing waves; my heart fell in love! Would definitely recommend it.”

A reviewer on Trip Advisor, where the resort has received nearly five stars, stated:

We spent 3 days of our honeymoon at the Maia. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which started when we were greeted with a bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon. The butler service was flawless, personal and at the same time very friendly. Our butlers Gusti and Gina made everything possible for us….the word “impossible” didn’t seem to exist for them. The food and the wine included in the all-inclusive package was excellent quality and a nice variety (ranging from sushi to Indian food). Once, when the champagne included in the package was unavailable, we got a bottle of Veuve Clicquot instead, which would normally have been chargeable – this is, what I call service!

You can click here to see photos of Annie and Robin Korkki.

*This story will be updated as information becomes available.

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