Roena Cheryl Mills: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rowena Cheryl Mills

RJCFA Rowena Cheryl Mills, 41, is charged with killing her boyfriend, 29-year-old Bo White. White was found decapitated.

A competency hearing for a woman accused of cutting a man’s head off was held Monday morning at the Mercer County (West Virginia) Courthouse, CBS News reported.

Roena Cheryl Mills of Rural Retreat, Virginia, is charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of 29 year-old Bo Allen White, records show.

White was found decapitated and missing a body part, police said. A judge has ruled Mills needs to ungo a psychiatric evaluation.

On Easter Sunday, police were dispatched to a call where they found Mills, 41, blood-soaked and wearing one bloody glove, according to court documents. She gave police a fake name and said she’d been injured after being thrown through a plate glass door.

But police and the prosecutor’s office say what really happened was Mills killed her boyfriend and decapitated him.

What you need to know:

1.When Arrested, Mills Said to Cops, ‘You Have to Take Me Back and Let Me Get My Heads’

Eden Valley Drive Lerona West Virginia

When police found Mills in the woods off Eden Valley Drive in Lerona, a small unincorporated community in Mercer County, West Virginia, local media reported, she was drenched in blood and had a pocket knife on her. Mills had apparently been offered a ride to wherever she was headed by residents who wanted her off their property and who ended up phoning police. As Mercer County Sheriff’s Department deputies were questioning Mills, she “turned combative and was arrested,” it was reported.

While in custody and being taken in for questioning, police said Mills, while in the backseat of a cruiser, told a deputy, “You have to take me back and let me get my heads,” according to court documents.

Likely initially dismissed by police as ravings, police would soon be alerted to a murder on Clover Lane and found 29-year-old Bo White’s body, sans his head. And the matching bloody glove.

2. Besides Victim White’s Head, Police Found Other Body Parts in the Same Location Where They First Encountered Mills

Roena Mills, Bo White

Roena Cheryl Mills, 41, is accused of the grisly murder and decapitation of 29-year-old Bo Allen White on Easter Sunday on Clover Lane in Lerona, West Virginia

White’s headless body was found in his home on Clover Lane less than a mile from Eden Valley Drive, located on the edge of a large and dense wooded area of southern part of the state. According to local reports, deputies said they also found another of White’s body parts “in the home where they originally found Mills.” Recall Mills was first encountered near Eden Valley, a 15-minute walk to the house on Clover Lane. What body part police found has not been made public.

Meanwhile, Southern Regional Jail staff said Mills was talking about “killing someone” while in a cell at the Beaver, West Virginia jail.

3. Mills Has A Criminal Record & Had Previously Threatened to Blow Off Her Ex-Husband’s Head

Roena Cheryl Mills

Screenshot/WVVARoena Cheryl Mills’ attorney Joseph Harvey

According to a detailed report in SWVA Today, Johnny Ray Hull Jr. obtained a protective order against Mills after convincing authorities she’d threatened him when he was picking up their children. “I told them to get dressed and come with me,” Hull wrote in the order, it was reported. “Roena Mills said she would blow my f—ing head off before I got them.”

Mills and Hull divorced 10 years ago but court records dug up by SWVA show Mills has a long rap sheet and interactions with law enforcement.

In 2011 she was charged with assault and battery of a law enforcement officer, indecent exposure and public swearing or intoxication; all charges were subsequently dropped. Also in 2011, she was arrested and charged with “misdemeanor escaping from confinement,” a charge that stuck but her 6-month sentence was suspended. She was ordered to undergo mental health treatment.

Mills declined to be forthcoming with a judge, and when asked about her finances during a bail hearing said “she has no bills, does not eat.” Other court behavior was erratic; she told the judge she escaped to “make him (the officer) run.” That same year, Mills was charged with and convicted of indecent exposure, served 10 days and jail and was told as part of her probation “couldn’t return to Wytheville’s TA Truck Stop.”

Investigators said Mills and White knew each other but Mercer County Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler didn’t speak to a motive and told local media “it’s unclear how White died.” An autopsy will be performed because it’s not clear if “he was killed by the beheading or if he expired before that,” Sitler told reporters.
But according to other reports, White’s father told authorities his son and Mills were “dating.”

But there’s no mention of a father in the moving obituary published by the family.

4. Bo White Was Called the Family’s ‘Miracle Child’

Bo White’s sister Casey posted a ‘Siblings Day’ picture of White, she and their sister Destiny.

In his obituary, White’s family shared that he had to “fight for life through a rare kidney transplant at the young age of 15” and said for the family, he was their “miracle child.”

White has a large and extended family that includes ‘special’ cousins and friends. He has two sisters, Destiny and Casey. His mother is Samantha Muncy. All posted quietly on their Facebook pages by changing profile and cover pictures to ones that include White.

Destiny Muncy’s post from the day before White’s funeral.

Bo White’s Facebook has been dormant for a couple of years. His most recent post was in 2014 of a large tattoo on his arm.

His mother Samantha posted an image as her cover photo on Facebook from what looks like Christmas morning.

White was buried Saturday April 7.

Bo Allen White

Facebook screenshot/Casey Bo Allen White

5. A Conviction Could Mean Up To 40 Years in Prison But Mills is Being Evaluated for Competency

Rowena Mills

Mercer County (WV) Prosecuting Attorney George Sitler

The prosecutor told local media that Mills was “not very responsive with the initial investigating officers. She just did not seem to be all there.”

Mills is being held on $210,000 bond. Local media reported the case heads to a grand jury in June.

Mills’ lawyer said “an evaluation to help determine competency” is scheduled for Wednesday April 11.

“We’ll find out if she’s competent to stand trial or criminally responsible.”

In West Virginia law, upon conviction, “Murder of the second degree shall be punished by a definite term of imprisonment in the penitentiary which is not less than 10 nor more than 40 years. A person imprisoned pursuant to the provisions of this section is not eligible for parole prior to having served a minimum of ten years of his or her sentence.”

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