Antoine Fielder: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Antoine Fielder

Facebook Antoine Fielder is accused of killing two women before he allegedly shot and killed a police officer Friday morning.

Antoine Fielder is facing a slew of charges after two deputies were shot Friday morning, leaving one dead and one in critical condition. Fielder was already facing homicide charges pertaining to two seperate murders before he allegedly shot and killed Deputy Patrick Rohrer in Kansas City Friday morning.

The incident took place while Fielder was being transported back to the jail after a court hearing involving the death of 55-year-old Rosemarie Harmon, who was shot and killed Dec. 26, 2017, according to FOX4. Fielder had also previously been charged in the death of a young mother found dead in her car in Kansas City in 2015.

Here’s what you need to know about Fielder:

1. Fielder was Charged in the 2015 Shooting Death of a Young Mother But Ended Up Walking Free

Fielder had previously been charged in the death of 22-year-old Kelsey Ewonus, who had been found dead in her car from an apparent gunshot wound. Fielder stood over Harmon and fired several shots at her, the court documents allege.

Police say they got a call in June, 2015, to check out a blue car that’d been sitting on the street. After sending officers to investigate they found Ewonus shot to death, according to FOX4. Court documents also show investigators obtained surveillance camera video showing fielder and Ewonus together at several locations before the time of her death.

Ewonus left behind a 1-year-old son. Fielder was charged with premeditated first degree murder in Ewonus’ death, but ended up walking free after two juries couldn’t find grounds to convict, according to The Kansas City Star. The juries in both trials were hung, resulting in mistrials.

2. Fielder Was Already Being Charged With the Murder of Yet Another Woman When He Allegedly Shot the Two Officers

Before the incident involving Officer Rohrer took place, Fielder was already being charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Rosemarie Harmon last December. Fielder was also facing first-degree assault charges and two counts of armed criminal action. He allegedly shot and injured Harmon’s friend after killing her, the Kansas City Star reports.

He is accused of bragging to a woman, telling her he had already killed four people and that he’d “put that b—h in the ground and her man in the hospital,” referring to Harmon and her associate, court documents stated.

Fielder was released from custody mere months before allegedly killing Harmo, after the charges regarding Ewonus were dropped, reports the Kansas City Star.

3. Two Officers Were Shot While Transporting Fielder From the Courthouse Back to the Jail

The most recent incident involving Fielder happened early Friday while officers were transporting him back to jail after a court hearing. FOX4 reported that two Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Deputies were shot in a transport bay at about 11:30 a.m. in downtown Kansas City, not far from the courthouse and sheriff’s office.

Officials say Deputy Patrick Rohrer died of his injuries from the shooting on the way to the hospital. Rohrer was just 35-years-old at the time of his death, and had faithfully served the department for seven years. “He’s the first line of duty death for the office since August 4, 1984, when Deputy Sheriff James L. Reynolds was killed during a vehicle pursuit,” according to FOX4.

Fielder allegedly got a hold of a deputy’s firearm while in the transport vehicle, according to sources. It is unclear at this time whether one of the two deputies shot the suspect or whether a third deputy stepped in to shoot the suspect, FOX 4 reports.

The second deputy is in critical condition as of Friday evening. Heavy will update once more information is released.

4. Fielder’s Facebook Pictures Show an Interest in Gangs, Cars & Pitbulls

Photos on Fielder’s Facebook profile show Fielder throwing up gang signs, lifting weights and posing in front of several cars. Pictures of a pit bull and topless pictures of Fielder flexing his muscles also adorned his profile.

A picture of a car burning tires on the pavement of a street were also visible, with the caption “n–gas smell rubber when I hit the block.”

His profile states that his employment was “loading swag … 100% complete,” and that he attended school at Washington High School in Kansas City. He’s only ever lived in Kansas City, according to his profile.

5. Fielder Allegedly Held a Woman at Gunpoint & Admitted to Killing Four People

The same woman that Fielder had allegedly admitted to killing four people later told Kansas City police that three days after the Harmon shooting she met up with Fielder to “party” and was held at gunpoint, the Kansas City Star reports.

Fielder allegedly showed the woman news coverage on his cellphone of four homicides that he claimed he committed, court documents say.

The first homicide was “Rosie’s,” referring to Rosemarie Harmon. The court records do not say what the other three homicides were thought to be. However, authorities said that charges could again be filed against Fielder in Ewonus’ killing should new evidence arise.

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