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Tad Devine

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Emails between Paul Manafort and Tad Devine, a strategist for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign who has also worked on a number of other high-profile Democratic campaigns, are part of a list of 500 potential exhibits released by Robert Mueller before Manafort’s upcoming trial. Here is what you need to know about Tad Devine.

1. Tad Devine Worked with Paul Manafort on Pro-Kremlin Campaigns for Nearly a Decade, & Now Their Emails Are Part of an Exhibit for Manafort’s Trial

Meet one of the secrets to Bernie Sanders' successPower Player of the Week: Tad Devine, senior adviser to the Sanders campaign2016-02-21T20:59:59.000Z

Tad Devine’s name shows up 16 times in a list of 500 evidence exhibits for Mueller’s upcoming case against Paul Manafort, RawStory reported. Manafort and Devine apparently worked together for almost a decade for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of Regions, a pro-Kremlin group. Manafort and Devine emailed each other while they both worked with Yanukovych from February 2010 until June 2014, the New York Post reported.

The evidence list also includes emails between Devine and Konstantin Kilimnik, a Soviet-born Ukrainian who managed Manafort’s business and is also under indictment from Mueller, National Review reported.

Yanukovych was ousted in 2014 after widespread protests and fled to Russia, RawStory reported.

Manafort’s work with Yanukovych led to criminal charges that were filed in Virginia and D.C. He was accused of hiding the cash he made while working with the Ukraine in order to avoid paying taxes, and lying about his debt so he could get additional loans. In June, Manafort was charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy. Manafort has also been accused of witness tampering, and he’s been indicted on money laundering charges and for failing to register as a foreign agent.

Devine had also been in contact with Rick Gates and Konstantin Kilimnik until sometime in 2014, according to the evidence list. Gates pleaded guilty in a special counsel probe.

2. Devine Is Mentioned Multiple Times in Mueller’s Exhibit List

You can read the exhibit list here or scroll through the list in the embedded window below.

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The content of the emails and memos isn’t known, only their subject lines. Subject lines included “Election Night Speech,” “Ukraine Trip,” and “Job Well Done.” Here’s a full list of when Devine is mentioned on the exhibit list:

  • 2006.01.03 Memo P. Manafort, T. Devine, V. Yanukovych, et al reMessages for January Next Wave of Television and Radio Ads
  • Devine Mulvey Longabaugh Invoices to Davis Manafort (2010, 2014)
  • 2010.02.03 Email T. Devine to P. Manafort re Election Night Speech
  • 2010.02.15 Email T. Devine to P. Manafort, et al re Job Well Done
  •  2010.02.16 Email T. Devine to P. Manafort re FYI
  • 2010.08.12 Memo P. Manafort to V. Yanukovych et al re Media Strategy
  • 2010.09.01 Email T. Devine to P. Manafort, R. Gates, et al re TalkingPoints
  • 2011.09.20 Email Chain D. Rabin, J. Mulvey, P. Manafort, R. Gates, K.Kilimnik, T. Devine, et al re Ukraine – First Draft
  • 2012.04 Email Chain T. Devine, R. Gates, P. Manafort, et al re Ukraine
  • 2012.08.06 Email T. Devine to P. Manafort re Memo
  • 2014.03.31 Email T. Devine to R. Gates, et al re Call – Important
  • 2014.03.31 Email T. Devine to R. Gates, et al re Draft Proposal
  • 2014.06.09 Email T. Devine to R. Gates, et al re Kyiv
  • 2014.06.14 Email T. Devine to K. Kilimnik, R. Gates, et al re Ukraine Trip
  • 2014.06.19 Email T. Devine to K. Kilimnik re Can u resend the talking points
  • 2010.07.12 Memo Devine Mulvey Longabaugh & Rabin Strasberg toDavis Manafort Partners re 2010 Message Strategy and Proposal #1
  • 2010.07.12 Memo Devine Mulvey Longabaugh & Rabin Strasberg toDavis Manafort Partners re 2010 Message Strategy and Proposal #2

3. Devine & Manafort’s Emails Stopped About Five Months Before Devine Joined Sanders’ Campaign, But He Called Him About Setting Up a Trump-Sanders Debate

GettyBernie Sanders

Devine was the top strategist for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 political campaign, and he also worked for Sanders in the 1990s. He worked on Sanders’ presidential campaign starting in 2015, until the campaign was suspended in 2016. Devine’s and Manafort’s communications had stopped about five months before Devine joined Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Campaign aides told Politico that Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, asked Devine to contact Manafort about setting up a debate between Sanders and Trump, after Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and seemed open to the idea. Many networks were offering to host a debate. Manafort said it had been a joke, but he would ask Trump. Manafort later left Devine a message saying he had won over Trump, but Devine didn’t call him back.

4. Devine Worked on Al Gore’s and John Kerry’s Presidential Campaigns

Does Bernie Sanders Have a Nomination Path?Jun 10 — Tad Devine, senior adviser to the Bernie Sanders campaign, shares his master plan on "With All Due Respect."2015-06-10T22:24:22.000Z

Devine has a long history working for well-known politicians within the Democratic party, not just Bernie Sanders. He was a senior advisor for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign and for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. He was the senior strategist during Gore’s campaign, overseeing day-to-day management. He was known as a fierce campaigner and a mediator.

He worked on Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign as a delegate tracker in 1980, and was deputy director of delegate selection for Walter Mondale’s nomination campaign. He was a consultant for CBS during the Democratic National Convention in 1992. In 1988, he played a role in DNC reform that eliminated winner-takes-all delegate selection.

Here, Devine talks in 2008 about the superdelegate system he helped set up:

Raw Interview: Tad DevinePolitical consultant Tad Devine discusses with Jacob Soboroff the controversial Democratic superdelegate system he helped create. For more: whytuesday.org Investigate Superdelegates! youtube.com/watch?v=cE-imiw6rSc2008-02-22T17:26:03.000Z

He has also worked on 17 winning Senate races in the U.S. Some of the campaigns he worked on included Sheldon Whitehouse, Bill Nelson, Bernie Sanders’ Senate campaign, John Kerry’s Senate campaign, Claire McCaskill, Robert Menendez, and more. Here’s an ad that Devine made for Kerry’s Senate race in 1996:

Kerry See You Later"Why would you do a better job than Mr. Weld?," a young Massachusetts student asks John Kerry as they stand on the steps of a school playground. This ad, airing during the 1996 Senate race, emphasizes Kerry's commitments to education and minimum wage. Devine Mulvey2012-07-16T16:56:56.000Z

5. He Has Also Worked with Campaigns Across the World

Sanders' Senior Adviser Tad Devine On The Des Moines Register Editorial2016-02-05T00:27:19.000Z

He has also worked on campaigns in other countries, including 11 winning campaigns for President and Prime Minister in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Some of the campaigns he worked on included working for Colombian President Andres Pastrana, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo, Bolivian President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, Honduran President Mel Zelaya, and Yanukovich in 2006, 2009, and 2010.

Devine currently is president of Devine Mulvey Longabaugh, a D.C. media consulting firm. USA Today recognized him in 2010 as being one of “the nation’s most respected media consultants.” He’s worked as a media consultant since 1993.

Devine was born in Rhode Island in 1955 and was raised Roman Catholic. He received an A.B. in American history at Brown University, and a law degree at the Suffolk University School of Law. He was a law clerk in Rhode Island from 1982-1983, and was an associate attorney in D.C. from 1985-1987.

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