Planes Collide On the Ground at O’Hare Airport

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Two planes collided on the ground at O’Hare Airport on Wednesday, August 14 in the afternoon.

CBS Chicago reports that Gate C30, United Flight 645 just clipped the wing of United Airlines Flight 2746, a plane which was parked at a Gate C28. There is reportedly wing damage to both planes, although no reported victims as of yet.

The initial tweet by CBS, which read, “BREAKING: Two planes have collided at O’Hare. Story is developing,” drew criticism from several Twitter users, who called CBS’s reporting “irresponsible,” given that both planes were on the ground and no victims have been reported as of yet.

One user tweeted, “This is a super irresponsible and dramatic tweet from

Another tweeted a picture of the damage.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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