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erika Davis

Getty Erika Davis has filed a claim against convicted child molester Larry Nassar, claiming he raped and impregnated her when she was 17 years old

Erika Davis is a former MSU athlete who has alleged in a recent lawsuit that convicted child molester Larry Nassar raped and impregnated her when she was 17 years old.

Davis’s suit was filed on Monday, the last day before the deadline for Nassar accusers to file claims with MSU as a part of the university’s $500 million settlement.

Here’s what you need to know

1. Davis Was on a Scholarship at MSU for Field Hockey When Nassar Allegedly Raped Her

Davis was an athlete on the field hockey team for MSU, and was on scholarship when she went to Nassar for an injury. She claims that she was then sexually abused and raped by Nassar, an act which Nassar claimed was a part of a “flexibility” study he was conducting.

Davis has claimed that a cameraman was there for the sexual abuse, too. The court documents say, “Nassar further inquired whether Plaintiff Erika had ever had a breast examination, and she had not. Nassar asked her to remove her shirt and bra, which she did. … During this time, the cameraman was filming Defendant Nassar’s sexual abuse of (Davis).”

Davis also claims that Nassar gave her a pill that made her “woozy,” and that she woke up to Nassar raping her.

2. Davis Told Her Coach About the Incident, Who Told George Perles, Athletic Director of MSU

Davis said that she told her coach of the incident, who then demanded that Nassar give her the tape. But when the coach told Perles, he made the coach give the tape back. She apparently made a copy of it, though it’s unclear from the court documents if that tape still exists.

The court document alleges that Perles made an intentional and concentrated effort to cover up the details of Davis’s assault. The document reads, “This proves that not only did Defendant Michigan State University have knowledge that Defendant Nassar sexually abused and sexually assaulted minors, but that it would also go to great lengths to conceal this conduct. Defendant Michigan State University could have stopped Defendant Nassar’s conduct back in 1992, but did not.”

3. Davis Found Out She Was Pregnant Shortly After, & “The Only Person” Who Could Have Impregnated Her Was Nassar

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A few months after the incident, Davis reportedly told a dorm mom that she hadn’t gotten her period, and she was advised to take a pregnancy test. The test came back positively, and the dorm mother advised her to tell the police that she had been raped.

But when Davis told the police about her story, she claims they said that they informed her that she had to work with the athletic department at MSU, since she was an athlete. The court document read, “(Davis) explained that the athletic department already dismissed it and the sergeant responded that George Perles is a ‘powerful man,’ and she should just drop it.”

4. Davis Miscarried Shortly After, & She Eventually Lost Her Scholarship

VIDEO: In police interviews, Nassar blames victims for misunderstanding treatmentLarry Nassar said he was the victim, not his patients. In more than three hours of interviews with police, obtained by 7 Action News through the Freedom of Information Act, Nassar appears befuddled and defiant when faced with allegations that he abused patients.2018-05-16T03:27:30.000Z

Though nothing was done legally about her claims of rape at the time, Davis soon miscarried, and lost her scholarship soon after, though it’s unclear what the official reason was for her losing her scholarship.

Davis claimed in the documents that she stopped seeing Nassar and tried to move on with her life- but that when she saw the hundreds of girls speaking out, she decided to file a suit alongside them.

5. Davis Claims That if Her Suit Had Been Taken Seriously, Hundreds of Instances of Sexual Assault Could Have Been Prevented

Larry Nassar sentenced: I signed your death warrant, judge saysCircuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina sentenced ex-Team USA doctor Larry Nassar up to 175 years in prison for sexual assault. "Because the crime, all of the crimes, the depth of them have cut into the core of this community and many communities in all of the families and people we don’t even know," Judge Aquilina…2018-01-24T18:57:04.000Z

In the documents, Davis claims that  “could have prevented hundreds of young girls and women from being sexually assaulted by Defendant Nassar” if the school had taken her seriously at the time.

An investigation by Detroit News has since confirmed that at least 14 MSU school officials were notified of Nassar’s abuse, and did nothing about it at the time.

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