Jim Nantz Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jim Nantz net worth


Jim Nantz’s net worth is estimated at $15 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. The sportscaster has worked on telecasts for the NFL, NCAA, PGA Tour, and more, and will be co-announcing Super Bowl this year alongside Tony Romo.

One factor that has significantly impacted Nantz’s net worth was his divorce from his first wife, Lorrie, in 2009; Nantz was ordered to pay Lorrie $1 million a year in alimony and child support, and will pay her a comparable sum until the day that he dies or she remarries.

Here’s what you need to know about Nantz’s net worth:

1. Nantz’s Salary Is Over $7 Million a Year, According to Fox News

Jim Nantz net worth


According to Fox News, Nantz earns over $7 million dollars a year for his sportscasting work, which would likely put his net worth at well over the $15 million that is estimated for his fortune by Celebrity Net Worth.

Per Fox, Nantz earns a yearly $3.9 million salary from CBS, and he also makes an additional $4 million a year in deferred compensation through a deal he has with Titleist, a golf company.

It’s not clear how much a sportscaster gets paid for being a Super Bowl announcer.

2. Nantz Blamed His Wife’s Spending Habits as a Cause for Their Divorce, Per Fox

Jim nantz net worth

According to a Fox News report of Nantz’s divorce trial, Nantz cited his wife’s spending habits  as one of the central reasons for their divorce. The News network reports that over the nine years leading up to the divorce, Lorrie Nantz spent $1 million at high end clothing and jewelry stores.

Additionally, in the month before the divorce trial, Lorrie bought a $12,000 necklace that she described as “having some sort of stone,” per Fox. 

During the trial, Nantz also admitted to having a girlfriend prior to the dissolution of his marriage, but he claimed the affair only began after the marriage had already “died.”

3. Nantz Is Required to Pay His Ex-Wife $1 Million a Year, as the Result of His Divorce Settlement

Jim nantz net worth

Nantz was ordered to pay his ex-wife Lorrie $1 million per year in their divorce settlement in 2009, in the form of alimony and child support.  Per The New York Postthe judge wrote in his decree that Nantz’s affair “in no way contributed to the breakdown of the marriage,” adding,

“In fairness, for most of the years he prioritized his family obligation and put his wife and daughter Caroline first. As frequently happens in marriages of lengthy duration, the parties do not have the same interest and ardor for their spouses’ endeavors.”

Specifically, Nantz was required to pay $72,000 a month until he died or his wife re-married, as well as an additional $1,000 per week in the form of child support. Lorrie has not remarried, as of January 2019.

Additionally, Nantz was required to keep Lorrie listed as a beneficiary of a $3 million life insurance policy for as long as he was alive and she was unmarried, and he was required to pay for any country club membership costs of her choice.

4. Nantz Is Now Married to Courtney Richards; He Has One Child From HIs First Marriage & Two From His Second

Jim Nantz and his wife Courtney NantzJim Nantz is an American sportscaster who has worked on telecasts of the National Football League NFL National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA Division I men's basketball and the PGA Tour for CBS Sports since the 1990s He has been the NFL announcer on CBS's top play by play team since 20042016-06-24T20:20:05.000Z

Nantz is now married to Courtney Richards Nantz; they married in 2012, and now have two children, a toddler named Finley and a baby boy named Jameson.

Per The New York Daily NewsNantz started dated his future wife before his first marriage had fully been legally dissolved; Per StyleCaster, Richards was a vice president at IMG when she met Nantz, and was working in sports marketing.

Though the financial details for Richards Nantz are largely unknown, there is a 2004 article in the Wall Street Journal which features a quote by Richards Nantz as a then-twenty-something who still needed financial help from her parents. She said, “My dad says I have champagne taste on a beer budget…I love my job, and I love what I do, but the bottom line is that I’m not making enough to pay for myself.”

5. Nantz Is Known For His Backyard Green at His Home in Pebble Beach

The value of Nantz’s home in Pebble Beach, Florida, is unknown, but it’s certainly worth several millions: Nantz has become known for his backyard green at his home, in which several well-known sportscasters have posted photos of themselves playing.

Per Golf Digest, 

“The mini par 3 is a replica of Pebble Beach’s No. 7, has a rock where people who make an ace get their names engraved (Tony Romo is one of the lucky few), and is surrounded by a sound system that blasts the Masters theme music 24/7.”

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