WATCH: Softball Coach Attacks Grandmother in Cypress, Texas

Donna Edwards said police told her the video she took was “proof of assault,” though it’s not clear if the coach involved has yet been charged.

The 60-year-old grandmother was injured she said when watching her granddaughter’s softball game at Dyess Park in Cypress, Texas Saturday. She said the coach she identified as “Bubba Schmidt,” appears to attack her as she records a teen, who she says is Schmidt’s son, giving her the middle finger.

Then a man she said is the coach, rushes her and, she said, tackled her.

On Facebook, Edwards said that once the coach attacked her, her son, Lane Sword, jumped the man and there was a “country style” fight, which local media referred to as a brawl. Edwards said she went to a nearby emergency room for treatment of injuries she said she sustained in the attack.

“The cops said the video is proof of assault. And yes, there are about 30 eyewitnesses to the whole thing that stayed till the cops got there. He was losing 15-0 and they just called the game. I don’t think he likes to lose. But I was told he has a history of bullying people, then he intimidates them, and they give him a pass.” Edwards claimed on a reply to a comment on her post. She claimed, “This guy is well known for his bad temper and inappropriate behavior. Supposedly he is a lawyer for Union Pacific. He’s got an anger management problem.”

She said she was knocked down by the coach: “I hit the ground pretty hard. My oldest son was keeping score on the next field and pulled him off of me. He was trying to get my phone. I didn’t know it at the time, but that kid shooting the bird at everyone and cussing was his son. I guess he didn’t want me to videotape his son’s bad behavior.”

The softball game played at Dyess Park is part of the Cy-Fair Girls Athletic Association. The coach of the Cy-Fair Texas Sting 14U team, who was not named, has been fired.

“Not our team! We are 14U Cy-Fair Texas Sting-Cypress

February 16, 2019 at A.E.Dyess Park, an unacceptable incident involving a coach from the 14U Texas Sting Memorial softball team during a contest with another 14U softball team took place. Cy-Fair Texas Sting strives to promote honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and accountability in coaches, players and parents. We require the highest levels of good sportsmanship at all times. Therefore, as of February 17, 2019, the coach involved in the incident is no longer associated with Cy Fair Texas Sting organization.”

ABC7 News reported that Edwards pointed to “bruises on her body” and said she had a sore neck.

Edwards described what she said occurred: “I was watching the game when I heard someone cursing and yelling,” she said. “The kid who I was recording is his son. I was tackled and hit the concrete. I don’t remember what happened next. I think I was knocked out. That guy was trying to get the phone. My son pulled him off of me.”

Lane Swore told local media that, “Before I know it, the guy’s on top of my mom. And I ran to that field and grabbed a man off my 60-year-old mom.”

Edwards filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and also contacted the league that oversees the softball tournaments, it was reported.

This is a developing story.