Bernie Sanders’ Brooklyn Rally Crowd Size Photos: How Many Attended Compared to 2016?

Bernie Sanders Brooklyn Crowd Size Photos

Getty/Bernie Sanders Twitter Bernie Sanders Brooklyn Crowd Size Photos

Today, Bernie Sanders held his first kickoff rally at Brooklyn College. The crowds were substantial, echoing the crowds he had in 2016 that propelled him to the national spotlight. Early estimates said at least 15,000 to 19,000 were expected to attend that day despite snow and freezing temperature, and media present said the crowds began to look similar to what he saw in 2016. Exact estimates aren’t available yet, but this story will be updated when those are available. Read on to see photos and learn more about his rally today.

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At first, local media had suggested that the crowd was smaller than what he enjoyed in 2016. But Steve Kastenbaum of Westwood One News later shared that the crowds were reminiscent of his 2016 appearances.

And from this photo, it looks like the crowd was substantial.

Bernie Crowd photo

Twitter/Bernie Sanders

Another look:

Early on, reports shared that about 15,000 people were expected to attend Sanders’ rally today. Those were early estimates, however, and updated estimates aren’t yet available. Often early estimates are a bit lower than what the crowd ends up being. It’s not clear where that first 15,000 estimate originated from.

Another projection from earlier in the day was that 19,000 people were expected at the rally.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is saying that a senior aide estimated the number at 13,000 today. But Sanders’ campaign has not released a number yet publicly, which they typically do. We’ll update this story once they have.

Here’s a look at just how many people showed up for Sanders’ first rally, despite icy and snowy conditions.

Brooklyn College was packed.

You can tell from this photo that the numbers were substantial.

Sanders made a point of reminding the crowd, when they started chanting his name, that it was not about him, but about all of them.

His rally echoed 2016 in many ways, from the logo to the playlist.

And as happened in 2016, his supporters are sharing photos from their time at the rally. Here’s one shared with Heavy by Jaimie Gennusa:

Jaimie Gennusa

The Crowds Were Reminiscent of What He Saw in 2016

Sanders has been known for drawing in crowds. In April 2016, when the weather was much nicer, more than 28,000 people showed up for a Bernie rally in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Here are some more photos from his 2016 rallies in Brooklyn. First is his April 8, 2016 rally at WNYC Transmitter Park in Brooklyn.

GettyBernie Sanders holds a rally at WNYC Transmitter Park on April 8, 2016 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.

Here’s an April 17 photo from the huge Brooklyn Prospect Park rally in 2016.

Prospect Park 2016

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The crowd that gathered for Sanders’ Brooklyn rally today reminded people of the fervor for him in 2016. We will update this story when better estimates are available.

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