Kaitlyn ‘Kay Kay’ Renee Accused of Defacing Nipsey Hussle Mural

Kaitlyn "Kay Kay" Renee

Facebook/Kaitlyn \"Kay Kay\" Renee

Kaitlyn “Kay Kay” Renee, a Connecticut teenager, is accused of defacing a Nipsey Hussle mural in Hartford.

Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in Los Angeles outside of his clothing store on March 31. Eric Holder has been accused of the murder.

In the video, Renee can be seen putting the letters “SK” over the mural, in addition to what appears to be cherries and penises. Renee turns to the camera and tells people to add her on Facebook while she takes selfies in front of a gathering crowd. At one stage, a person can be heard telling Renee not to paint over Hussle’s face.

Nipsey Hussle Memorial defaced live and fixed 24hrs later#nipseyhussle #daveeast #hiphop2019-04-28T19:21:33.000Z

The Hartford Courant reported earlier in April 2019 that the mural had been created in Hartford’s Heaven Park by local artist, Corey Pane. Pane told the newspaper, “I always respected him more as a person than even his music and I just wanted to honor that.”

Kay Kay Facebook page

Facebook/Kay Kay

Renee reacted in a Facebook post to those who were criticizing her, Y’all really mad ???? I ain’t boutta argue with none of y’all over some PAINTING. you know how much dope shit in heaven park got painted over? Oh alright then hop off. Yah Boutta “kill” me over a painting that shit is hilarious ???.” Renee continued to post on her Facebook while thousands of people left comments, ranging from hateful messages to outright threats. Renee is shown to be the mother to a baby girl.

At least one Twitter user has pointed out that a photo showing the back of the person recording Renee, bares the same graffiti tag that Renee uses. A spray painted SK with a circle around it.

On April 28, the Shade Room reported that community activists in Hartford had rallied together to repair the mural.

One of those involved in the repairs, Lee Benton, told the website, “Nipsey didn’t just mean a lot to my community but to all urban communities around America. He preached black excellence, change and he empowered every person around every hood to find their purpose. A person like that should be celebrated forever in my opinion.”

ABC Los Angeles reported in April 2019 that “more than 50 murals” of the rapper had appeared in his home city.

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