Andy Ngo Attacked: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Andy Ngo Attacked

Twitter/Andy Ngo Andy Ngo pictured on his Twitter page on the day of the attack in Portland.

Andy Ngo is the Quillette editor who says he was assaulted by Antifa members during a rally in Portland, Oregon. On June 29, left-wing activists descended on Pioneer Courthouse Square in the city to counter protest a Proud Boy rally named “Him Too” which was due to take place at 1 p.m. Ngo began tweeting about his assault prior to the actual start of the rally as he says he was recognized by counter-protesters.

That rally was being opposed by Rose City Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America of Portland, reports KPTV. The event happened nearly one year to the day of a similar event in downtown Portland.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ngo Says That Antifa Members Stole His Camera Equipment & Beat His Head ‘Multiple Times’

In a tweet on the afternoon of the attack, Ngo said, “Attacked by antifa. Bleeding. They stole my camera equipment. No police until after. waiting for ambulance. If you have evidence Of attack please help.”

In a subsequent message, Ngo said that he was “beat on face and head multiple times.” He described his assailants as being “at large.” Ngo also posted multiple videos showing his condition in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Those videos show Ngo with cuts and bruising on his face.

In one of the videos, Ngo says, “I just got beat up by the crowd – no police at all – in the middle of the street. And they stole my GoPro. And they punched me several times in my face and head, and I’m bleeding.”

2. Ngo Says on His Twitter Bio That He Is ‘Hated by Antifa’

On his Twitter bio, Ngo says that he is “Hated by Antifa.” Ngo is a resident of Portland and frequently writes about the Antifa movement. During one video recording of the June 29 protest one woman can be heard saying, “F*** you Andy.” On May 7, Ngo posted a video to Twitter showing a man he said had assaulted him at his gym. The night before the June 29 assault, Ngo tweeted that he was “nervous” about the rally as he posted a screenshot of an Antifa blog that singled Ngo out as the group promised a “physical confrontation.”

Scuffles break out amid dueling protests in downtown PortlandScuffles break out amid dueling protests in downtown Portland2019-06-30T00:22:50Z

Ngo tweeted, “Was just assaulted & had my phone stolen at @24hourfitness Hollywood Portland by someone I recognize at Antifa rallies. He first dumped liquid on me then stole my phone. Reporting to @PortlandPolice. I don’t know his identity & gym wouldn’t tell me. They got my phone back.”

Quillette, the outlet that Ngo primarily works for, has been described by the Daily Beast as “a site that fancies itself intellectually contrarian but mostly publishes right-wing talking points couched in grievance politics.”

3. The Portland Police Department Said Victims Had Been Hit With ‘Quick Drying Cement’

Dueling demonstrations turn into ‘civil disturbance’ in PortlandDueling demonstrations between hundreds of left-wing anti-fascists and dozens of right-wing protesters in downtown Portland turned into a mix of shouting matches and isolated fights Saturday afternoon.

Following the assault suffered by Ngo, the Portland Police Department said in a statement, “Police have received information that some of the milkshakes thrown today during the demonstration contained quick-drying cement. We are encouraging anyone hit with a substance today to report it to police.”

The Oregonian reports that the protests ended just before 5:30 p.m. One of the Oregonian’s photographers, Dave Killen, tweeted that “the last of the right-wing group” was gone before 7:30 p.m. local time. An intern with the newspaper said that she heard members of the crowd say at around 7:00 p.m., “Who is who? Where are the Nazis?” To which someone replied, “They went home. They took Ubers.”

4. A GoFundMe Page to Help Ngo Has Raised Over $25,000 at the Time of Writing

Conservative writer Andy Ngo roughed up at Portland antifa/right wing protestsRival demonstrators clashed Saturday afternoon in downtown Portland, resulting in myriad injuries and three arrests. Police said three of the injured people received medical care at area hospitals. Among the people injured over the course of the afternoon was Andy Ngo, the conservative writer who appeared to be attacked by antifa members. Read our coverage…2019-06-30T01:05:55Z

A GoFundMe page titled, “Protect Andy Ngo,” was started as news spread of the assault he suffered. At the time of writing, the page raised close to $27,000. The goal of the page is $50,000. The page has been endorsed on Twitter by far-right activists Harmeet K. Dhillon.

While it was set up by another far-right activist, Michelle Malkin, who refers to herself as Ngo’s “friend” in the blurb for the fundraising page. Malkin also wrote that in the past Ngo “has been singled out, doxxed, and targeted by SJW thugs while police stand by and do nothing.”

5. The Portland Event Was Set Up by Far-Right Activist Haley Adams

Haley Adams Facebook page

Facebook/Haley AdamsHaley Adams pictured on her Facebook page.

The “Him Too” event was set up by activist Haley Adams, who goes by the monikers “Rebel Barbie” and “Divas4Trump” on Facebook. In a statement on her Facebook page regarding the June 29 events, Adams said that her event had been a “success” and that they had “a peaceful event.” Adams had earlier reposted Ngo’s photos showing his injuries. In the caption, Adams wrote, “Stand against domestic terrorism.”

Adams wrote that members of Antifa had “attacked our policemen, journalists and innocent citizens of Portland.” Adams then said that Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, would “ignore the crisis.” On her Facebook bio, Adams says that she lives in the “cesspool of Portland, Oregon.”

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