Baylee Wall: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Baylee Wall

Facebook/Daphne Police Department Baylee Wall pictured in a release from the Daphne Police Department in Alabama.

Baylee Wall of Moss Point, Mississippi, was found dead on October 23 at the age of 18 at Woodward High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Wall’s identity was not revealed until October 28. She had been found dead in the school’s baseball field. Wall’s official cause of death has not been made public.

According to the Hamilton County Coroner’s office in Ohio, Wall’s death has been described as both a “homicide” and “suspicious.” A family member told Fox Cincinnati that authorities have said that she was shot in the head. Wall had been living with her boyfriend, Gary Alexander Eubanks, 25, at the time of her death. Wall was the mother of a young daughter and a graduate of East Central High School.

When she was found dead, Wall was wearing a red jacket with black stretch pants and sandals. Wall had a tattoo on her right wrist that read, “Queen.” WLWT reports that Wall was not identified until information regarding her tattoo was made public.

Anybody with information regarding Wall’s death is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 513-352-3040.

1. Wall Robbed a Motel With Her Boyfriend on October 21, Police in Alabama Say

Daphne hotel robbery suspect murdered in OhioA suspect in a Daphne armed robbery has been found murdered in Ohio. Cincinnati Police have identified 18-year-old Baylee Wall as the woman found last week near a high school baseball field.2019-10-28T20:00:00.000Z

A Facebook post from the Daphne Police department in Daphne, Alabama, just outside of Mobile in the southwest part of the state, had previously identified Wall as a suspect in a motel robbery.

Baylee Wall photos pictures

Facebook/Baylee Wall

In a brief statement regarding Wall’s death, the Daphne Police Department said, “We can confirm that Daphne detectives have been contacted by Cincinnati, Ohio, law enforcement regarding an ongoing homicide investigation. The victim, in that case, was a young woman. No further information is available for release at this time.”

Police in Daphne said that Wall, along with Eubanks, of Theodore, Alabama, robbed a front desk employee at the Microtel Inn and Suites on October 21 around 11 p.m. Video released by investigators shows that prior to Eubanks robbing the clerk, Wall had gone into the lobby to ask about room rates. The police said that it was Wall’s car, a 2015 Volkswagen Passat with Mississippi tags reading JGE1791 that was used in the robbery. The pair left the scene together in that car, police said.

2. Gary Eubanks Has Not Been Named as a Suspect in Wall’s Death

Gary Eubanks Balyee Wall

Facebook/Daphne Police DepartmentGary Eubanks pictured in a release from the Daphne Police Department.

Eubanks has not been named as a suspect in Wall’s death. Sgt. Jason Vannoy of the Daphne Police Department told WALA-TV that there was a third person involved in the robbery.

That person has not been identified. Sgt. Vannoy told the station, “That third person has not been identified. You can plainly… you can clearly see a third person standing outside the door in that video and that’s probably a pretty big component to this case. Did he travel to Cincinnati? You know, we don’t know that. We don’t have those answers.” WALA-TV mentions in their report that Eubanks had been a resident of Mobile in the years prior to the robbery. The robbery suspect has relatives in the Cincinnati area.

3. Wall Had Recently Texted a Photo to a Friend Showing Her With a Busted Lip

Baylee Wall Facebook

Facebook/Baylee WallWall pictured on her Facebook page in June 2019.

Wall’s stepfather, Steven Tillman, told Fox Cincinnati, “She was a very outgoing person. Loved to laugh and you know, just your typical 18-year-old girl.” Tillman added that just prior to Wall’s death she had sent a photo to a friend showing her with a busted lip. Tillman said that Wall had expressed a desire to “come home.”

Tillman said that Wall and Eubanks began dating in August 2019. He went on to say, “I still can’t believe it. I really can’t on either issue. That now how she was raised. That’s not how she was.”

On her Facebook page, Wall says that she was living in Mobile, Alabama. Wall said that she was a graduate of East Central High School. Wall writes in her About section, “18 but got a daughter❤️Only live once live it how you want?.” Wall also says that she is in a relationship but does not identify her partner. Among those paying tribute to Wall on social media was the Overdrive Softball team in Biloxi, Mississippi.

4. Wall’s Mother Has Urged Her Friends on Facebook to Share Positive Memories of Her Daughter

Baylee Wall Facebook page

Facebook/Baylee Wall

Wall’s mother, Angela Wall, posted a request on Facebook asking friends to share positive messages about her daughter. Angela wrote, “People are going to judge her for one stupid act that we don’t even know the full details of.” Angela Wall added that her daughter “was only 18.” Angela Wall said that she wanted positive comments “for all the stalkers coming to her page can see she was truly loving person and was loved.” Wall’s mother then shared photos of “first day of school after the wreck” and another of Wall’s graduation day. The post concludes with the lines, “We love you BayBay and will forever be in our hearts.”

Wall’s sister, Madison, had posted while her sister was missing saying, “Most of you know the situation she’s in but we just want her found safely.” Madison Wall also wrote, “She could be around Jackson county area or in Mobile, Alabama. She could possibly with a big crowd of people or just with that one guy!! She drive this black Volkswagen!!” Following Wall’s death, Madison Wall posted a photo of the pair together and wrote, “I’ll love you forever BayBay.”

5. Prior to the Robbery, Wall & Eubanks Had Been Living in Her Car While Doing Odd Jobs

18-year-old Baylee Wall was found murdered behind Woodward High School#PrissieB 18-year-old Baylee Wall was found murdered behind Woodward High School last week. Just two days before her body was found, police in Alabama say she robbed a Microtel Inn with a man in Alabama. Brad Underwood Local 12 reports: So please subscribe to all of our channels to stay updated with the viral day…2019-10-29T12:39:13.000Z

An Alabama woman named Erin Vinson told WKRC that Wall and Eubanks had been staying with her. Vinson said, “If I had any idea she was going to be murdered two weeks later, I would have never let her out of my sight.”

UPDATE: Daphne hotel robbery suspect found murdered in Cincinnati According to the Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco the body of a Jane Doe in Cincinnati has been identified as 18-year-old Baylee Wall. Baylee Elizabeth Wall who was identified last week by Daphne PD as the Suspect in the robbery of the Microtel Inn on U.S. 98 in Daphne.2019-10-29T00:42:02.000Z

Vinson said that Wall had told her that Eubanks had been physically abusive to her. Vinson said that she was last person to see Wall alive. Vinson also said that prior to living with her, the pair had been living in her car. Vinson added that the pair had been surviving on odd jobs and lived with her for around a month.

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