Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Fired for Swearing at Teenagers for Not Getting Tipped

Domino's Pizza Delivery Person Cusses Out Customer

YouTube Domino's Pizza deliveryman cusses out teenager.

A Domino’s Pizza delivery man has been fired after swearing at two teenagers multiple times for not being tipped. A video of the man, who has not been named, has surfaced on social media. It shows him delivering pizza to a house and subsequently cussing out a teenager when he realized that he hadn’t been tipped.

The video starts with a teenage boy giving the delivery man a receipt with the tip line left blank. The delivery man looked at the receipt and said, “Thanks for the tip.” He then insulted the teenager.

The teenager responded, asking, “What?” The man snapped back with another swear word.

The teenager said, “That’s funny bro. Really? I didn’t even order it.” He told the delivery man that his sister placed the order.

The delivery man answered, “I don’t make f**king money if I don’t get tipped.” He said that he delivered the order with his own gas. The teen then reiterated that he didn’t order the pizza, and the delivery man walked off.

At the end of the video, the teen’s sister briefly stepped outside after the delivery man left, reacting to what just happened.

Warning: the video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised. Here is the video:

Domino's Delivery Man Fumes Over No Tip, Father Explains MistakeA Domino's Pizza delivery guy let frustration get the best of him over a zero-tip order … with video showing him going off on a couple of teenagers, but their dad tells us it was all just a huge misunderstanding. The dad said sure, and he gave her his credit card info over the phone.…2020-05-20T13:50:03Z

The Domino’s Pizza Franchise Owner Fired the Man & Gave the Teenager & His Family Gift Cards

The father of the two kids gave his credit card to his children to buy some food from Domino’s Pizza, he told TMZ. When his daughter filled out the receipt, she mistakenly left the tip area blank. Her brother then handed the receipt to the delivery man, which prompted the incident.

The father told TMZ,  “On top of all this, the order was wrong. She ordered a sandwich but received cheese bread. Go figure.”

The father called Domino’s Pizza after the delivery man left, and the following day both the owner of the franchise and the general manager called the family to apologize. The store manager and area supervisor paid the family a visit, TMZ reported, and they gave each teenager a $200 prepaid gift card and the family a $100 Domino’s Pizza gift card.

The delivery man was fired after the franchise owner reviewed the video and conducted an investigation. The owner told TMZ, “I am a small franchisee that is locally owned and operated, and we always strive to do what is right.”

Domino’s Pizza CEO Ritch Allison Issued a Letter to Customers About COVID-19

Like virtually all businesses in the United States, Domino’s Pizza has had to adapt its service due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. On May 7, Domino’s Pizza CEO Ritch Allison issued a letter to the company’s customers.

In the letter, Allison said that the company is planning on hiring over 10,000 more employees in the United States. The company is also making financial donations to different organizations across the country to fight COVID-19.

The letter also outlined the company’s food safety protocol to help ensure none of the food is contaminated with the virus, which includes efficient sanitization of surfaces and delivery bags, as well as Domino’s mandating the wearing of masks for delivery drivers.

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