WATCH: Minneapolis Uptown Mass Shooting Videos Show Aftermath

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Videos show the aftermath of the mass shooting in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can watch them throughout this article, but be aware that they are disturbing.

“12 people have suffered gunshot wounds in an incident on 2900 block of Hennepin S. 1 adult male died and 11 have no -life-threatening wounds,” Minneapolis police wrote on Twitter.

Earlier police wrote, “Multiple people shot in area of 2900 block Hennepin S. Please stay away from this area. More info when available. 10 people at area hospitals suffering from gunshot wounds. All are alive with various severity levels of injuries.” The name of the deceased victim was not clear.

The Associated Press reported that no one was in custody, and “individuals on foot” started shooting around 12:30 a.m. on June 21, 2020. The motive was not clear. Uptown Minneapolis was described by AP as “a commercial district that includes several bars and restaurants.” Windows were shot out of the Landmark’s Uptown Theatre, according to AP, which noted the mass shooting occurred about three miles away from where the George Floyd protests and riots occurred.

Floyd was a black man whose death in police custody has sparked unrest throughout the nation and criminal charges against four former Minneapolis police officers. A viral video showed Officer Derek Chauvin restraining Floyd with a knee to the neck.

Here’s what you need to know:

Livestream Video Captured the Aftermath of the Mass Shooting

K.G. Wilson, described by Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Libor Jany as a “long-time peace activist,” livestreamed from the scene (above). “Horribly multiple young people shot here near lagoon and hennepin ave south mpls. Horror scene,” Wilson wrote. “Omg I witnessed 2 shoot outs in back to back north then south mpls. TGBTG the bullets all missed me each time . the last ones went by my head I had to duck behind McDonald’s for cover.”

“Multiple people shot, man…you can see people down right now. There’s people down on the ground. They just shot it up over here,” a man says in the video.

Wilson also posted this video on Facebook.

A livestream video posted to Facebook showed victims lying wounded on the ground as Minneapolis police tried to help them. Police presence of course is part of an ongoing debate in Minneapolis about whether to defund or even abolish the department.

Another Twitter video showed blood on the ground.

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“A woman pacing outside a nearby hospital says she was waiting on her 23-year-old daughter, who she says was undergoing a CAT scan; the daughter was shot twice, with one bullet tearing into her leg and striking her femur and the other grazing her arm,” Libor Jany, a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter, wrote on Twitter.

He also posted scanner traffic audio from the mass shooting.

“The spokesman said that the shooting started in the middle of the 2900 block of Hennepin and continued through the end of the block; windows at a shoe store and the Uptown Theatre were apparently shot out,” wrote Jany.

Some people responded on Wilson’s Facebook thread by bringing up the police defunding issue. “So glad the police show up despite most these people’s best efforts to get rid of them,” one woman wrote. However, another woman opined, “We need EMS for this situation. Defunding the cops doesnt mean getting rid of them. It means not giving them millions of extra dollars when they are killing citizens.”

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