WATCH: Texas Man Drinks Beer on Facebook Live Before Deadly Crash

Camilo Morejon

Facebook Camilo Morejon

Camilo Morejon, 47, was the driver in a fatal collision in Texas on Sunday morning, and a Facebook Live video posted to his account just minutes before the crash appeared to show Morejon drinking beer while driving. The Houston Chronicle reported that Morejon was the driver of the vehicle and is accused of causing the fatal crash at 7:53 a.m. on October 25 near Jersey Village, just northwest of Houston.

The accident occurred in the 12200 block of FM529 and left Morejon in hospital in critical condition. His three passengers were all killed, the Chronicle reported. The nearly two-minute clip was taken by the woman sitting in the front passenger seat and posted to Morejon’s Facebook at 7:47 a.m.

The video, which ends before the fatal accident, can be viewed below:

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office Says Morejon’s Vehicle Was Speeding When It Hit Another Vehicle

Morejon was driving westbound on FM529 in a 2012 Honda Accord, according to the Houston Chronicle’s report of court documents. These records show that Morejon was traveling at about 90 mph when he hit a Ford F-150 pickup truck that was traveling eastbound and turning into a gas station. The driver of the pickup was hospitalized with a brain bleed and a broken arm and is in critical condition, the Chronicle wrote. The driver’s name has not been released to the public.

The three deceased passengers in Morejon’s vehicle were identified as Leosveyka Gonzalez, Massel Rodriguez and Ricardo Rodriguez-Tamayo. Morejon now faces three counts of intoxication manslaughter with a vehicle and one count of intoxication assault with a vehicle, public records show.

The Video Shows Morejon Finishing a Bottle of Beer & a Passenger in the Vehicle Opening Another Bottle

The video, which was recorded by the woman in the passenger seat of the vehicle, shows Morejon finishing a bottle of what appears to be Corona beer. The woman then gets a new bottle and drinks from it. Pictures posted to Morejon’s Facebook account seem to indicate that the woman in the video, Leosveyka Gonzalez, was his girlfriend.

During the video, Morejon can be heard saying in Spanish that he drives better when he drinks.

According to the Chronicle, Morejon’s breath smelled of alcohol, investigators said, and his blood-alcohol content was 0.168. Investigators were attempting to determine where Morejon got the alcohol. Harris County District Attorney’s Office prosecutor Sean Teare told Click2Houston, “We believe there are probably three or four bars that are around the area we believe they were and we are in the process today of going to those locations determining which ones were contributing factors to this crash.

“It’s very rare that we see actions of the defendant that close in time to a horrific crash like that but it’s what happens it’s what goes on moments before lives are lost,” Teare said.

Morejon is scheduled to appear before the court at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, October 28. He is in serious condition, Click2Houston reported, so it’s unclear if he will appear from the hospital. The outlet reported that Morejon could face 80 years in prison if he is convicted.

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