Giggity 4204 Becomes Google Trend After TikTok Video

giggity 4204

TikTok Giggity 4204

Showing the continued power of TiKTok, a Tiktok user named Giggity4204 became a Google trend after she urged followers to Google the name “Giggity 420.”

The TikTok video has more than 1.2 million views. The video posted by Giggity4204 includes a sexually explicit search history, which is likely what tempted people to Google her name all the more. Some people Googled Giggity 4204 or even Giggity 420 because the latter is all she showed in her TikTok video, but the results were clogged with sites writing about the trend. The Giggity4204 video also became a Twitter trend.

If it’s an attempt to gain social media influence, it appears to be working. However, the TikTok video appears to be an attempt to drive people to sexually explicit content she pushes on other sites. Her Instagram page, for example, links to an exclusive Only Fans account, where users pay for content. Her real name is not clear.

She also posts graphic pornographic photos on Reddit using the name Kennedy Black. Heavy is not linking to that Reddit page or her OnlyFans account due to the explicit nature of the content.

In one video on TikTok, she gave people a tour of a house with a swimming pool and wrote, “the house that selling pics got me.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The TikTok Video Flashes Quickly Past a Sexually Explicit Google Search


♬ pony with voiceover – sophie

On TikTok, giggity4204 says her name is “Bubbles” and writes, “Secret acct” and the age “19.” The trending TikTok shows her sitting on a car tire at a tire store and then googling her name. She also said she was not a “sl*t” but “who knows?”

That made people curious to see what she was talking about. Some of the comments on the TikTok video post include:

“Commenting so I can find this after work. For my own research purposes.”

“You got powerful what now.”

To further taunt readers, under “top hit” and “bookmarks and history” is a sexually explicit reference to a specific position. Her other search history included Panera Bread Delivery & Takeout and CardPortal.”

Noted one comment writer, “Take a moment to slowly read the google search.”

Another screen shows under bookmarks and history such things as “Season 1 Swimming GIF by Sony Pictures” and “Jimmy Fallon Swimming GIF” and “Flooding GIFs.”

In a Subsequent Video, Giggity 4204 Singled Out a Comment From the Previous TikTok

@giggity4204 Reply to @bushelightguy ♬ this my shit – ✧・゚ 𓏲 ࣪₊ lola ♡

In a subsequent video, she singled out a commenter on the first video who wrote, “commenting so I can find this after work. For my own research purposes.”

That video shows her, clothed, in a shower, and writhing around suggestively.

In other words, it appears to be a big Google tease.

She also posts sexually explicit photos on Instagram, although they aren’t porn because they show her clothed in a swimming suit. The captions say things like “What do you want for Christmas.” She has more than 100,000 followers.

Other TikTok videos on her page make comments too sexually explicit to repeat. In another video, she reposted a comment asking “what’s u’re hub,” which may be a reference to Porn Hub. She has more than 16,000 likes on her OnlyFans account, which contains an extremely sexually explicit line that starts out,” 💋 I’m a horny 19 yr old…I answer ALL my messages every single day…”

In October 2021, she wrote on OnlyFans, “Thinking of dropping my first sex vid soon 🥰 go like all my posts and I’ll drop it tonight.”

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