Joe Rogan Reveals Reason for Sudden Ending: ‘The Correct Decision’

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Joe Rogan fans were left puzzled after a recent podcast episode with former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell ended abruptly when the war hero who inspired the movie “Lone Survivor” went to the bathroom. Rogan revealed on Instagram why the conversation with the Texas native did not continue and why there’s no second part listeners were hoping for.

“We talked a lot of s*** and drank a lot of whiskey,” Rogan wrote on Instagram on March 26, two days after “The Joe Rogan Experience” episode was released on Spotify. “For people wondering why the podcast cut off abruptly after Marcus went to take a leak we decided that perhaps he had consumed a little too much to continue talking.”

Rogan added, “in retrospect, I believe that was the correct decision. Hahahaha!”

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Rogan Said It Was a ‘Real Honor & a Hell of a Good Time’ Talking With Luttell & Said ‘We’ll Do It Again, I’m Sure’

Rogan wrote on Instagram, “A real honor and a hell of a good time to share a podcast with a great man and a real hero. We could all use someone like @marcusluttrell in our lives. You know you’re a bad m*********** when @markwalberg plays you in a movie. If you don’t know who Marcus is, he’s the real life SEAL that was the subject of the incredible movie ‘Lone Survivor.'”

About the decision to end the podcast when Luttrell went to the bathroom, Rogan said, “We’ll do it again, I’m sure. I enjoyed the f*** out of it, and I hope you do too.”

The 2 hour and 25 minute episode sparked questions and conspiracy theories among some Rogan fans and listeners. A Rogan fan wrote on Reddit, “It sure ended abruptly, where is the rest?” Another said, “joerogan what happened to the end of the @MarcusLuttrell podcast on @SpotifyUSA mid run and he’s still on a piss break lol! I’m assuming it ended as is? What a legend amongst common folk! Great episode!”

Others questioned whether Spotify had something to do with the episode ending. Rogan signed a deal worth more than $100 million with the streaming service in 2020, according to The Wall Street Journal, and some Rogan listeners have been skeptical about the move, wondering whether the company would be censoring Rogan or controlling his content. Rogan has said Spotify doesn’t “give a f***” and lets him pick his guests.

Rogan and Luttrell had been about to talk about politics when the podcast ended. Rogan had been talking about how there is a lot of “conflict” in the world right now, both socially and between nations, and “so much chaos,” that’s leading to a “weird struggle for dominance” in a social media atmosphere. Luttrell asked Rogan if he “wanted to get into that,” but then said he had to go to the bathroom.

Luttrell asked, “Can I use the restroom?” and Rogan replied, “Yeah go pee. We’ll pause. Jamie and I will talk about you.” Rogan then laughed and said, “Alright, we’ll be right back,” and the podcast episode ended.

Luttrell Told Rogan He’s Never Seen ‘Lone Survivor,’ Because ‘I Know the Director’s Cut’

Marcus Luttrell on Having a Movie Made About His StoryTaken from JRE #1622 w/Marcus Luttrell:

Before the abrupt ending, Luttrell and Rogan talked about what it was like for Luttrell to have his life story, which he wrote about in a 2007 book, “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10,” turned into the 2013 movie with the same name. Luttrell told Rogan, “I haven’t seen it, I haven’t watched it all the way through. I know the director’s cut.”

Luttrell added, “There’s so much we kept from the story that if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”

Rogan asked Luttrell, “What it was it like to have a movie about one of the worst experiences of your life?” The retired SEAL responded, “Thank you for asking it like that. No one ever has. It’s an honor to do that, to be a part of that. … It was about me getting my a** whipped. As a fighter and a warrior, those are usually the stories you don’t want out.”

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