ISIS Drowns ‘Spies’ in Cage

New propaganda from the Islamic State has emerged showing the brutal executions of 15 alleged Iraqi spies, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The 7 1/2-minute video shows ISIS fighters loading three of the men, hands bound behind their back and clad in orange prison jumpsuits, into a car. A masked man then blows up the car with a rocket-propelled grenade. The men can be heard screaming as the car burns.

The video then cuts to a second execution. Masked terrorists load five men into a cage and then seal it with padlocks. The cage is lifted off the side of a pool of water and then slowly lowered down until the four men are submerged. An underwater camera shows the men screaming and struggling to escape. The cage is then raised back above the water, and the men are seen foaming from the mouth as they die.

The five men accused by ISIS of being spies are shown being lowered into a pool of water while chained inside a cage.

The five men accused by ISIS of being spies are shown being lowered into a pool of water while chained inside a cage.

In the final part of the video, seven men are tied together and forced to kneel. An explosive necklace is then tied around each of their necks. The explosives are detonated, severing their heads.

The video also shows the accused spies confessing to their alleged crimes of espionage before their executions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the video was recorded in northern Iraq. A narrator says that the men are being executed because the gave coordinates for U.S.-led air strikes on the ISIS-held city of Mosul. The video shows the destruction caused by those strikes, and ISIS claims a child was among those killed.

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    • You are right whit these people nothing helps but letting them feel the pain that they do to other himan thats why gaddafi and saddam had no problem because they where also crazy and that is needed for those crazy devils

  1. Oh.. Such poor innocent people…. What Isis is doing is justifying, glamorising their dirty, sinful, horrifying acts. God never likes their act and I wish all Isis members enter Hell!

  2. Id love for one of these pigs to come after me 1 to 1. I lose advert my death. But if I WIN send me another 1 of you lot. Ill have another go!!

  3. I am a muslim who nows a lot about Islam this is shoking and this is something that is not islam or any other believe. This is the devil religion they are fighting and killing for : Allah whill punish those animals and make this and other video a reason that people gonna think this can not be from a religon and search the true message that is peace and love for the other human so pleace look for your self what the real islam is don’t follow those who are saying i am muslim but ther behavior is anti islam

    • no you don’t if you think islam is peace and love. the one quote about “killing innocents is like killing the world” refers strictly to muslims. the koran says everyone else needs to be forcibly converted or slaughtered because this pleases allah. dead jews in particular feed allah’s demonic bloodlust.

  4. this just came up on the internet for me this was just sick and discussing I almost threw up when I saw the head separated from the mans body I didn’t throw up but cried for at least an hour. ISIS please stop this madness.

    May the fallen “prisoners” Rest in peace and god bless all human kind ):

  5. Makes you wonder if it’s even real bc no one could be this evil right? And some want these ppl to cross our borders? Stupid idea. how would we know if they have good intentions? We don’t.

  6. I know that it’s just as extreme as them,..but give me a good anwser wy we haven’t nuke them yet. We could be clear of them in less then a couple of hours.

  7. Fkn maniacs. One day they’ll know the things they did- were wrong and they will regret their actions.
    When millions of ppl are emphatically opposed to conduct of ISIS- that should speak volumes.
    If millions of ppl say NOT ACCEPTABLE and you’re lthe only one that thinks it’s fine…. there ya go! Millions vs one. Hmm.
    What’s that mean?


    Even if the videos are not factual- if they’re really FAKE, the
    Bottom line. Course I’m horrified if these are true accounts, God have mercy. But the simple fact that anyone would portray another human being in this manner is…. thought provoking.
    These acts are not of any higher power or religious belief- unless you’re worshiping Satan.
    These acts of cruelty are some of the most heinous, egregious and diabolical that I’ve seen from one man to another. And I’ve seen some ugly things in my life. Maliciously and horrendously murdering another human being.
    I wish higher power would send them a message of sorts,
    “Make sure you understand the reality of the situation which is- you’re killing your brother.”

    Woo hooo oh well isis gets them and MY PPL GET ISIS in the end.
    All is fair in love and war. Like anyone gaf about FAIR. LOL. Being a dirt bag is the easy stuff. Being a person who’s good pure and honest is more of a challenge. And that’s one challenge that Isis will never be able to handle. They can’t step it up, everything they do…is DIRTY. Desperate people do desperate things.
    Clearly they’re indeed DESPERATE… to put it nicely.
    They are their own worst enemies. Period!


    • Whooaa got very carried away in that one
      Que sera.
      It is the truth though-

      Bye bye to isis birdies. I hope the world knows the radical extremes of ISIS IS ABOUT TO BE OVER. ENDED. The death of Isis is near- mark these words. I am too!
      Gl all to all good ppl

  8. First of all, people who post here should check their spelling. Secondly, here is what I think. Since you are the ones who cannot stand us. We should give you your ultimate wish. DEATH. Yup, it is time for us to fly over and just drop three atomic bombs on you so that you can ascend to what you think will be heaven to be with your son called 100,000 virgin brides. Because frankly you are the minority, the rest of us should frankly enjoy different cultures and don’t mind their faiths.

    • Why do you post as anonymous? Easy to talk hiding behind monitors and masks, awwwee.
      Woe is you. Now if you hope to make ANY comment with any credibility, just elaborate a little bit on your comment with anonymity. Surely you can handle that much. If talk the talk then walk the walk.

      That’s basic. Moving right along-
      Next, class what’s 2 + 2?


  9. Okay, we know our history is not perfect with the way we treated the Indians who resided here first and then the people who we enslaved and brought over. Even one seems to forget that the first injustice was on American Indians and then the enslaved people. I also want to make sure you know that we did not keep on doing this…that people who saw it was unjust fought to end it. There were a lot of lives lost in trying to get the change made into law. So do not compare America to Isis, what Isis is doing is similar to what Hitler did and we made a promise to never let a Hitler wanna be to grow in power. Unfortunately, that is exactly what we are doing. I know how ever that are men and women in uniform will do their best to rid this world of Isis when they get the clearance, and I commend them for all they have done and will continue to accomplish, God bless them.

  10. how can any modern educated person believe in gods Allah will not punish these murders because he dosnt EXIST never has never will but BRAINWASHING does exist