‘Kim Kardashian:Hollywood’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Are you addicted to Glu Mobile’s new game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood? Here are some tips & cheats that will help you advance through the game!

1. Help Kim Kardashian With Her “Fashion Emergency”

Kim Kardashian Hollywoo Game So Chic

When the game starts off, you’ll meet up with Kim Kardashian in So Chic boutique. You will be assigned tasks like folding clothes and locking up the register to earn cash. Once you’re ready to lock up and leave the store, Kim Kardashian shows up asking for your help because she’s having a “fashion emergency.” You need to decide on whether or not you want to help find her a cute outfit for her photo shoot at Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills. By offering to help Kim Kardashian with her “fashion emergency”, she will then ask if want to join her at her photoshoot. You will leave So Chic and head off to your apartment right next door. When you’re outside of So Chic you will need to swipe to the left and enter deLuxe Apartments. When you’re inside your apartment, you’ll immediately have to search for something cute to wear. Browse through your wardrobe and open up the wardrobe menu to put on a dress. After finding the right dress and accepting Kim’s call you’ll advance to the next level.

2. Get Experience Points to Earn Stars and Unlock New Stuff

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Beverly Hills

You can find bus stops by going to the left of each street. Use the bus stop to travel to Beverly Hills and meet up with Kim Kardashian at the Metropolitan Magazine building. By making an appearance at the photoshoot you will gain additional cash. The photographer asks for your name, so you will need to create a name for your character. Of course, Kim stops by and says she, “loves your style.”

3. Do As Many Tasks As You Can During Your Photoshoot in Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game photoshoot

While still at the photoshoot in level 2, players will need to complete as many tasks as they can. Players can complete tasks such as checking negatives, say cheese, check makeup and wardrobe changes. Once you’ve completed all of the tasks during the photoshoot, you will advance to the next level and be on your way to Hollywood. You will be rewarded by the number of stars you earn during the photoshoot.

4.Party With Kim Kardashian at the Brew Palms in Hollywood

kim kardashian hollywood game party

Kim Kardashian thinks you did a great job at the photoshoot so she invites you to a party at the The Brew Palms in Hollywood, where she says “a lot of amazing people will be there.” Kim Kardashian then wants to set you up with a manager named Simon Orsik, who will also be at the party. Use the bus stop to travel to the Brew Palms in Hollywood. Once you arrive, be sure to speak to Kim. Of course while you’re looking at hot and ready to go to a party, Luther Alexander says, “you need to work tonight since their is an inventory shipment coming in.” If you use your charm, your boss, Luther Alexander, will let you go to the party, and you’ll earn some cash. Charming people you know will earn you extra cash.

When you finally enter the Brew Palms, flirt with people and add them to your network so they can help you out along the way. You can also play with your Facebook or Game Center friends who play the game. You finally get to meet up with Kim at the party and she’s excited about introducing you to her manager friend, Simon.

5.Do Meet N’ Greets

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game Management

You will be instructed to go to the CTM Management building to meet Simon. On your way you meet Willow Pape. She’s upset that you were totally hitting on her boyfriend at the bar. Quietly walk away from Willow Pape, and go meet Simon. At first, Simon is surprised that you don’t have any head shots, so he’ll recommend that you go get some done with his friend over at PopGlam.


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