‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy: When Will You Be Able to Walk a Pokemon?

when walk a pokemon

When can you walk a Pokemon in Pokemon Go? (Nintendo)

Everyone’s talking about the rumor that we may soon be able to walk our Pokemon in Pokemon Go. In the code for the game, astute players have found coding for a Pokemon Go Buddy. (Learn more about what the code says in our story here.) But when will this new feature be released?

Here’s what we know so far. We’ll update this story as we have more information.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, much of the coding for Pokemon Go buddies is already in place after the latest update. It just hasn’t been activated yet. This means that we could have the ability to walk our Pokemon at any time.

Pokemon Go Hub estimated the update will show up in the next week, since the distance that you’ve walked your Pokemon will be tracked the same way that egg distance is tracked. This means Niantic won’t have to add extra code for tracking how far you’ve walked your Pokemon.

Niantic has said that it plans to release updates for Pokemon Go about every other week. And recently, those updates have happened on Mondays. Since we didn’t get an update this past Monday, there’s a chance that the Pokemon Go buddy system will show up in an update this Monday. That also happens to be Labor Day, so it’s unclear if that will affect Niantic’s decision or not. Remember to check your app store to see if the app’s been updated on Monday night or Tuesday morning. If it has and you don’t have automatic updates set up, you’ll want to update Pokemon Go right away.

Niantic itself hasn’t confirmed the rumors about Pokemon Go buddies. So don’t get your hopes up too high yet. Niantic has said that it plans to implement trading, and we’re still waiting for that.