‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy on iOS: When Will the Update Be in the Apple Store?

pokemon go ios update

When will the Pokemon Go iOS update be available? (Niantic)

Pokemon Go‘s latest Buddy feature update is being rolled out in stages, but it’s still not available in iOS. Why haven’t players been able to find the latest update in the Apple store? [UPDATE: As of the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 13, the update has been confirmed as being available in Google and Apple app stores.]

Here’s what you need to know.

The update for iOS devices will be 1.7.0. But many Apple users are finding that although they’re seeing other people playing the game, it’s not available yet for them. As of Sunday night, there were still no confirmed reports of Apple users receiving the update.

Why is the update taking so long for iOS? When Niantic announced the new update on Saturday, the update was already propagating through the Android store, but it had just been submitted to Apple. Apple’s time to review an update before releasing it can be as long as two days.

This means that while Android was rolling out the update in stages — making it available region by region — the update was still waiting to be approved by Apple. Updates typically show up in the Apple store for Pokemon Go later than they are available for Android players.

In addition, many people who had the update on Saturday had downloaded it early via APK rather than waiting for it to show up in their Google Play store.

On Reddit’s The Silph Road, one submitter started a thread for people to share when they had the iOS update. As of late Sunday night, there were still no confirmed notifications of anyone receiving the update for Apple yet.

The update is coming to the Apple store, it just may take some time. Sometimes it can take one to two days for an update to be available for Apple players, even after Android players are using it. So just keep checking and it should show up by sometime on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

In the meantime, you can designate a Pokemon as your buddy in the iOS app and track kilometers that you’ve walked if you log into an updated version on Android first. Find an Android phone that’s been updated, log into your Pokemon Go account, and pick your buddy. Then log off and log back into your iOS device. Even if it’s not updated yet, the app will still track how far you’ve walked with your buddy while you have the iOS device with you. Whenever you log back into the Android account, you’ll see that how far you’ve walked has been tracked and you’ll get the associated amount of candy, according to Redditor samjar87.

Have you gotten the update yet on iOS? Let us know in the comments below.


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