Fire Emblem Heroes Summer Heroes Guide: Should you Pull?

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Just in time for summer, Fire Emblem Heroes is rolling out swimsuit-clad heroes for a limited time summoning focus. The heroes are similar to the ones in the Bridal Blessings summoning focus in that they’re just redesigned and retooled versions of past heroes and that they are only available through the Ylissean Summer summoning focus.

Though their limited availability makes them highly collectible, are they actually worth summoning? Read this in-depth character guide to find out.

Summer Robin (F)

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Summer Robin (F) is a surprisingly effective unit if you give her the proper investment. At 34 speed, she’s among the fastest lance units in the game and currently the fastest lance infantry unit. This makes her able to make follow-up hits against slower units around 30 speed as well as prevent many foes from making follow-up attacks against her, especially if she has a positive speed IV.

Deft Harpoon+ is not only powerful but grants two points to all stats at the start of combat if Robin has full HP. However, she takes two damage after combat. To really make the most of this effect, have her inherit Fury instead of learning HP Def 2 so that she gets a five point increase to each stat at the start of battle and then a three point increase after taking damage. Just be wary that this comes at the steep cost of taking eight damage at the end of the turn if at full HP and taking six damage every turn afterwards, which combined with her lacking HP and average defense and resistance may spell her doom if attacked. Thankfully, taking all that damage activates the effects of Vantage if you inherit it, allowing her to attack first and potentially KO the enemy before they do. Also be sure to have a healer with Rehabilitate to bring you to full health if you’re below half HP enough.

The skill to inherit in the C-slot is flexible, so go with whatever works for you. Add Iceberg or Moonbow as your special skill.

Use this handy IV calculator to see which of your heroes’ IV stats are positive/negative.

Summer Tiki

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Summer Tiki takes the strong stats of her dragon counterpart and applies them to a strong axe infantry unit.

The key to her build is her native skill of Close Defense, which is similar to Armored Blow only instead of getting plus six defense when attacking, you get plus six defense and resistance when attacked with a sword, axe, lance, or dragonstone. That combined with the stat-boosting effect of Melon Crusher (the same as all the other summer heroes) and a positive speed IV and she gets 35 speed and 40 defense when attacked, making her perfect for baiting opponents with her strong tanking abilities.

Have her inherit Quick Riposte so that she automatically makes a follow-up attack if attacked at over 70 percent HP as well as the special skill of Bonfire to boost her attack with her already massive defense and Reposition to protect allies.

Be sure to steer clear of mage units, as Close Defense only applies to melee damage and they’ll annihilate Tiki with her relatively low resistance. She also has low HP just like Summer Robin (F), but it’s offset by her strong speed and defense.

Summer Gaius

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Summer Gaius is tied with Setsuna as the fastest bow user in the game but has two extra attack. This makes him a strong candidate for Brave Bow+. If he has more than five speed than his opponent even with Brave Bow+’s speed penalty, he can strike four times! This shouldn’t be a problem if you have him inherit Life and Death. Add to that Desperation so you can attack before the opponent follows up as well as the special skill of Luna and you should be golden.

The only problem is that while an attack stat of 30 is serviceable, it may not be enough to kill most units even with four attacks. And due to Gaius having the lowest defense and HP out of the four summer heroes despite great resistance, he’ll be swatted away easily by melee units. This means you not only need a Gaius with a positive attack or speed IV but an ally with attack-boosting buffs like Hone Attack. It also helps to have Gaius have a debuff skill for defense such as Threaten Defense or Defense Ploy which he comes standard with.

Also consider giving him a Firesweep Bow+ from Faye, which prevents neither him nor the enemy from counterattacking. If you want to use Refreshing Bolt+, give him Fury and Vantage just like you did with Summer Robin (F).

Summer Frederick

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As an attacking unit, Summer Frederick doesn’t shine all too well. While his stats are nicely balanced, they don’t stand out enough for him to be a major threat. But where Frederick truly shines in in being a support unit debuffing the opposition.

His base kit of skills is already optimal. With a positive defense IV Seashell+ (at full HP) and Armored Blow his defense inflates to a whopping 39, meaning he’s able to take hits from dagger/bow users and most Distant Counter users and live. His Seashell+ lowers the opponent’s defense and resistance by five and his Seal Attack/Speed skill lowers their attack and speed by five. Then just have him inherit Threaten Attack, Draw Back, and Moonbow, and you’ll have the opposition crumble against your stronger teammates.

However, he cannot handle mage units with his poor resistance. So be sure to have someone to take on mages when you set up teams.


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They many not look intimidating, but the heroes in the Ylissean Summer summoning focus can be pretty devastating in the right hands. However, you need to commit to a big investment in order to get the most from these heroes. Otherwise they face a lot of competition from similar units that do their jobs better. You should especially focus on obtaining Summer Frederick as his debuffing abilities are a force to be reckoned with even if he’s not all that great a fighter. If you do summon, make sure that you use mostly colorless orbs as that’s how you’ll get Frederick and Gaius.

If you managed to snag some of the new Nohrian Summer heroes, check out the link below to learn how you can use them to their fullest.

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