Friday the 13th: The Game Controversy Reaches New Heights

Friday The 13th: The Game

Just when you thought the Friday the 13th: The Game controversy was dying down, it sparked back up today in the form of closing down the game’s subreddit and then opening it back up a few hours later.

The controversy stems from some players believing that Gun Media and Illfonic, the two developers of Friday the 13th, did not handle the banning of a player in the correct manner. The developers state the player, Dilly Dingus, broke the rules by sexually harassing the other players, while he states those players were helping Jason win the match. Helping Jason is on the list of bannable offenses for the game. The Jason helpers did not receive bans, as far as we know.

We were able to get into contact with Dilly Dingus and receive his official statement:

 So when me and cyndaquil joined this match it was empty. I was talking with him about my Jason, and then three other players joined. It was the two girls and the one kid. As I was talking to cyndaquil, the kid said out loud to me, “Wow you sound like a little fucking girl.” as soon as he said that the girls both began to shout into their mics “OH YOU JUST GOT FUCKIN OWNED.” I thought they were stupid and I just retaliated by saying “Shut up faggot.” This got them to be quiet and they reacted by saying “I can’t believe you said that.” I told them, “Sure talk shit get hit.” So after that I didn’t think much of it because the game started, and I was just playing it normally. The younger player was chosen to be jason and I continued to play the game. The jason kept acting like a dick during the whole match, talking about how much better he was than everyone, and how easy it was to juke us. I told my friend in discord “Yo why is this jason acting like a fucking retard?” and we kept on playing. Jason finally got me and said “wow that was so fucking easy you suck.” I told him “Fuck you dude.” So while I was dead most other people were still alive. The two girls were being chased by jason, and they both said “We defended you against the bullies let us help you!” Jason replied with “Okay I won’t kill you miladies.” and then the girls proceeded to go and help jason by killing other counselors. Mind you I was already dead at this point, so they were going after people who weren’t even involved. I will admit I lost my temper here. This pissed me off real bad cause the dude was acting like a white knight. So in dead chat I was like “What a fucking white knight” and “Why are these girls tryin to suck jasons cock? “
   After this The other players managed to kill the two girls who were team killing to help jason. In dead chat I told them, “Why are you guys acting like fucking dicks?” I got no response. “You guys are fucking whores dude.” Then they came back and were like “Well you were bullying jason.” I told them he started it but they didn’t seem to care. I told them “you guys don’t have to go after a kid, if you wanted a tiny penis I coulda helped you out there.” They started to get pissed I was shit talking them and one of them said “I’m the community manager for turtle rock studios, I know the devs and can get you banned!” I replied with “Wow how much dick did you have to suck to get into that position.” That really sent them into a frenzy as they begun to shout into the mic, but they were so loud I was unable to make out what they were saying. After the match had ended they both left and we went on with the game, still pretty salty about what happened, but we tried to get over it. Next morning I had a fat permanent game ban.
 My biggest tiff, is that they accused me of something very serious, even though it was obvious just shit talk. I was MAD at the jason, not sexually attracted to him, or trying to sexually harass him. I just want the dev to post the video, because he’s insinuating I’m a pedophile, but wont post proof even though hes publicly accusing me of something very big. That seems very fishy to me.
Did I lose my cool? Yes. I think that maybe I went a little overboard, but that’s just because I lost my temper over some people being dicks. It happens to the best of us. I think I do deserve a ban but not permanently. I also believe that they ALSO deserve a ban for insinuating team killing, according to the developers that is a bannable offense. I also want the dev to apologize for losing his cool and accusing me of something that big over something it wasn’t.

Dilly Dingus references player by the name of The Insane Cyndaquil in his story. That is one of his friends, who was also in the game. We were also able to receive his statement on what happened in the game as well.

Me and my friend Dilly Dingus joined a match while it was empty. During this time I was talking to my friend, when three people joined. Two of them were women, and the other one was the child. Dilly and I continue our chat, and I personally chit-chat to one of them. Suddenly, the child lets out a retort to Dilly, saying “Wow, you sound like a little fuckin’ girl”. Shortly after, the two women back him up, saying “You just got fucking trolled/owned”. We didn’t take them seriously at the time, so my friend retaliates with a ‘Shut up, faggot.’ in response. This quieted them down, and they replied “Did you really just say that?” or something among the lines of that. My friend confirms them by saying “Sure, talk shit and get hit.” After what just happened we decided to ignore it and start to play the game because we simply figured it was just some banter. Nothing actually serious, right? The minor was chosen as Jason for the round, and we both found eachother. Time passes, and I’m one of the first people to go, after I die I find that, while spectating the two women, they were telling other people’s locations, and jason was letting them escape from his grip. I tell my friend about this and he continues to play, but eventually he dies to Jason after he talks more shit to Dilly. The women continue to follow Jason around, attempting to teamkill everybody else because apparently we were trying to bully the child. At this point, Dilly loses his cool and begins to vent in the game chat. First he says “What a fucking white knight!”, and then “Why are these girls trying to suck Jasons cock?”

By this point, the two women were killed after trying to teamkill everybody else in the match. I began to talk shit in the voice chat as well but I don’t fully remember what I have said but as far as I know I barely said anything that would be noteworthy. In the voice chat he asks the two “Why are you guys acting like fucking dicks?”, and recieves no response. He then retorts with “You two are fucking whores, dude.” Then they start to respond by saying we were bullying the child. Dilly says the child started it, but they apparently did not seem to care. Dilly decides to respond with “Well, you guys don’t have to go after a little kid. If you wanted a tiny cock I coulda helped you out there, man.” By now, the two women were beginning to get angry because of the shit talking, and one of the people promptly says “I’m a community manager for Turtle Rock Studios, I know the devs and I can get you banned!” Dilly retorts, once again, with “How much penis did you have to suck to get to that position?” This sent them into a rage, and they began to shout into the microphone. However, they were so loud we were unable to make out what they were saying. Not much else aside from the last person dying, and the match ending. When the game ended, the two left and we promptly cooled down, since they had left. The next day, we both wake up to a permanent game ban which I think is absurd.

This is absolutely absurd as everything has started to spiral out of control with accusations. We sexually harassed, tried to solicit a little child to have oral sex, and tried to sexually harass a 12 year old. For somebody to accuse us of this much, and to permanently ban us from a game because of a single match? And this said person that banned us is a developer as well? That is far, FAR too extreme for my taste. It is simply absurd as to how they think they can get away with permanently banning somebody and accusing them of felonies which would result in 10+ years in prison. The dev says he has proof but yet refuses to post it, which I believe is personally suspicious. If he had video footage he could simply post it and this entire PR nightmare for the company would end instantly. Then you could judge on flat-out, raw footage. Personally I am perfectly fine with a temporary ban because I understand what I did wrong here. Maybe we we talked a bit too much shit, I do admit. But a permanent ban? From one match? Because of shit talking? It is completely apalling to me. In my opinion the best way to do this is one of a few ways: Either perma-ban the other side as well, unban us and issue an apology, or unban us, apologize, and ban the other side.

We have reached out to Gun Media for their take on the situation but we have not received a response as of yet. Both players are adamant that they did not know the player was a 12-year-old child before being told so by the developers.

Since the controversy began, players have allegedly sent death threats to the developers, as well as DDoSing the game’s servers twice, at least according to this video below. On the subreddit side of things, the developers have been officially removed as moderators, so now the subreddit is entirely fan driven.

It’s a shame to see a promising game take such a negative turn such as this. It could still get better but it looks like it will take some time for the rift between the developers and the players to heal.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any more news on the situation.We’ll also update this post if we receive a response from Gun Media.

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