Madden 18 Game Modes: Arcade, Simulation & Competitive Explained

Madden 18 Sim, Arcade & Competitive Mode ExplainedMadden 18 Sim, Arcade & Competitive Mode explained. In this video I'll go over the new Madden 18 game modes and new Madden 18 features. Competitive mode is sure to be a great addition. These new Madden 18 features and new Madden 18 game modes are a huge step forward for the game. For more…2017-06-06T20:46:16.000Z

One of the first new features you will notice on Madden 18 is the option to play in three different game modes. Which one you prefer will depend on your playing style.

If you’re accustomed to playing Madden through the years, simulation is going to feel like the mode you are used to playing. Everything from the player ratings to the penalties are going to feel the most similar to the game you watch on Sundays.

Arcade mode is a little more loose. According to EA Sports, there are no injuries in this mode. You might see a player make an amazing play that is a little past his capabilities in real life. When I started playing Madden Ultimate Team, the default was arcade. Here’s how EA Sports describes Arcade mode:

Arcade is the high-octane version of Madden. This game style delivers a fast-paced, exciting style of play where high scores and spectacular catches are the norm and penalties are very limited. The user-controlled player is the ‘boss’ and will feel like the most powerful player on the field. This mode is perfect for the gamer trying to get in a quick, casual, and action-filled game.

Finally, there is a competitive mode aimed at the hardcore online gamer. EA Sports notes there is an emphasis on “stick-skills” in this mode. Here’s how EA describes the Competitive mode:

Competitive is all about head-to-head competition and tournament play. This is where user stick-skills are king and certain outcomes will be heavily weighted based on game situations and ratings thresholds. Penalties are limited, there are no injuries, and random outcomes are rare. Executing gameplay mechanics and making the right reads dictate success when playing Competitive. EA competitive gaming events and ranked online game modes will be set to this style by default.

Which mode you prefer depends on your style of gaming. My preference is for the game to feel as close as possible to the NFL games I watch each week, which makes Simulation mode the best for my taste. That said, the two new options allows gamers who have different preference to customize a gaming experience closer to how they enjoy to play.

Which mode do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section.

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