Preorder Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Game for $47.99

preorder marvel's spider-man

It’s official — we finally have a Spider-Man PS4 release date for Insomniac and Marvel’s game based on everyone’s favorite neighborhood super hero. We now know that the game will release in September, later this year, exclusively to the PlayStation 4.

Now, typically speaking, we don’t care enough to post about preordering a game here at, as most of you will preorder a game from the same place you normally preorder games from (as we all do).

However, this news specifically regarding Marvel’s Spider-Man game is too good of a deal to not share with the masses.

You can now preorder Marvel’s Spider-Man game for just $47.99, 20% or $12 off the typical $60 MSRP for AAA games.

On top of the discount, you’ll also get a spidey suit pack, spider-drone gadget, PSN avatar and them, as well as five extra skill points to use in-game how you see fit.

To get this deal, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, which now only occasionally gives you that 20% discount on new games. Luckily, one of those occasions is upon us, as the discount is applied to Insomniac’s upcoming game.

For those unaware, you won’t get that 20% discount with every new game, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell which games will get you the discount until they actually hit Amazon.

Obviously, shelling out the $99/year for Amazon Prime isn’t worth the 20% alone, but if you are a frequent Amazon buyer, you’ll also get free shipping. What’s more, there are other perks to joining Amazon Prime as a video game lover, including free games, skins for games like Fortnite, and Twitch perks.

Preorder Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Game here.

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