10 Castlevania Requiem Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

CASTLEVANIA REQUIEM: SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT AND RONDO OF BLOODCastlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood is now available exclusively on PlayStation®Store. PSN: store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0101-CUSA13434_00-CASTLEVANIA00001. Play this timeless saga of the whip-cracking, vampire hunting Belmont Clan that comes with several new updates, including 4K/1080p upscaling, multiple high resolution backgrounds, different rendering options, Trophies, as well as other enhanced elements. Fans can also…2018-10-26T14:58:39.000Z

October 26, 2018 will be remembered as a gloriously dark day for Castlevania fans.

The animated series based on Konami’s iconic franchise presented its 2nd season on Netflix. But more importantly, an exclusive PS4 combo of two of Castlevania’s best games released. Castlevania Requiem digitally packages together Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night for the most diehard followers of both highly regarded side-scrollers. Both games are chock full of secrets to uncover, which is why we partnered together with Konami to craft this how-to guide on how to find them all.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Castlevania Requiem.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

1. Do Some Room Searching Before You Head Into the Next Boss Room

Castlevania Requiem


• Try searching the walls and platforms before each boss room. Typically, a hidden piece of food is available to help weary adventurers in their time of need. By the way, completing any stage without taking a single hit means you’ll get rewarded with an extra live once that stage ends.

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, All SecretsVideo showing all secrets I know (alt. paths and saving girls don't count). Some are well-known, others are less so. If I missed anything, please contribute.2011-10-05T16:28:49.000Z

2. There’s Hidden Rooms? YEP!

Castlevania Requiem


• Some stages have multiple routes through them, leading to alternative levels and rooms. Explore around and your curiosity might be rewarded.

3. Sub-Weapons Give You Access to Even More Powerful Special Attacks

Castlevania Requiem


• Remember that every sub weapon has an Item Crash that can be activated by Triangle (by default) which leads to an alternative, more powerful attack. However, with the extra strength, the cost goes up as well.

4. Start The Game Off With a Unique Name…

Castlevania Requiem


• Would you like to explore and select any stage you want? Enter X-X!V”Q as your name in the save slot and you’ll be able to select any stage to start off on right at the start!

5. The Path to Saving and Unlocking Maria

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood: Stage 2: Richter, Normal Path, Saving Maria (Subtitled)Virtual Console version. When the Vampire Killer theme starts playing, you know that you're ready to be awesome. The start of this stage has Richer find & enter Castlevania, ready to give the whipping Dracula deserves. Inside the castle, watch out for zombies that go right after you. After you pass through one door, you're…2013-01-21T04:07:07.000Z

• As previously hinted, you can unlock an additional character to play as; the adorable Maria Renard! If you take the key in Stage Two during the Behemoth chase down into the waterways, you’ll be able to unlock a door to save her. When you reach a game over or restart from the title screen, you’ll now be able to take along Maria instead of Richter and use her unique powers and moves in the game! Maria has access to a secret special attack of her own, which is activated by tapping Up, Down, Forward, and Square (the main attack button).

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

6. Check Every Nook and Cranny of Dracula’s Castle

Castlevania Requiem


• As with other Castlevania games, make sure to check any suspicious walls and corners. Some walls and floors can be destroyed by attacking them to reveal hidden rooms that usually lead to useful items and equipment.

Castlevania SOTN Hidden Rooms Part 1TO ACHIEVE THE ENTIRE 200.6% WATCH MY TIPS AND TRICKS VIDEO AS AFTER FINDING ALL THE HIDDEN ROOMS THERE IS STILL A SMALL PERCENTAGE LEFT IN AN AREA ONLY REACHABLE WITH THE WOLF. This video will show you where the hidden rooms and break away walls, floors, and ceilings are located. This will help you…2007-04-09T01:58:44.000Z

Castlevania SOTN Hidden Rooms Part 2This video will show you where the hidden rooms and break away walls, floors, and ceilings are located. This will help you achieve 200.6% of the map.2007-04-09T05:14:37.000Z

7. The Gravity Boots Trick

Castlevania Requiem


• Once you unlock the Gravity Boots, Alucard can use it in the Library under the Librarian to smack his chair. Doing this in succession without hitting the ground will reward you with different items depending on how many times you do it, including a Life Max U, a Ring of Arcana, a Dracula Tunic, and an Axe Lord Armor.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night – 19 Gravity Boots and Back Tracking2013-04-18T03:53:26.000Z

8. What’s This About a Secret Elevator?

Castlevania Requiem


• There is a secret elevator in a room in the Outer Wall. Break the wall to the left of this room and stand in the hole for a while, and the secret elevator will take you down to the room below which has a grill door and supposedly can only be entered later in the game when Alucard has the ability to turn into mist.

Castlevania SotN – Secret ElevatorHere's a secret elevator which can be used by either Alucard or Richter, and for Richter, this is the only way to get to the room. Just break the wall where I was standing and just stand there and wait until the elevator pulls you to the lower room.2007-09-21T15:25:06.000Z

9. Defeat Dracula During the Prologue Boss Battle in Different Ways and Prepare to be Rewarded…

• You can start off the game with additional items or increased stats for Alucard based on what you do in the prologue fight against Dracula with Richter. Using all your hearts earns you a Heart Refresh, collecting 15 additional hearts earns you a Neutron Bomb, and ending the battle with full health earns you a potion. If you can manage to defeat Dracula without sub-weapons and without getting hit, Alucard will be rewarded with increased stats!

10. Take a Look Through Your Entire Armory

• Make sure to look at all equipment you pick up, no matter how insignificant. Some pieces of your equipment are more than just stats and can have additional information in the description or will have additional uses and effects. One such item is the Shield Rod, which can be used alongside an equipped shield to provide you with special attacks.

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