How to Get the Good Juju in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 Good Juju

With the latest major update for Borderlands 3 now live, there has been a plethora of nerfs, buffs, and changes made to the game. One is the introduction of new loot via the Mayhem 4 modifier. Unlocked after you beat the main campaign, this modifier not only drastically ups the difficulty,. but it increases your loot drops along with having special items tied to it.  In a nod to a fellow looter-shooter, players can earn the Good Juju which is a riff of the Bad Juju from Destiny 2. Featuring some of the same qualities, design, and shooting pattern, this is a weapon for any fan of Bungies RPG/FPS hybrid.

To get the Bad Juju, make sure to turn on your Mayhem 4 modifier in Sanctuary III. Once it’s on, head to The Forgotten Basilica on Promethea and jump down into the pit to fight The Rampager boss. Once you kill it, inspect the loot it drops and see if this Legendary Assault Rifle was dropped anywhere on the ground.

So far, we have not found this gun anywhere else in the game or from any other boss. This is a weapon you can only get from Mayhem 4’s version of The Rampager. Make sure you have a good boss killing spec loaded up if you want to farm this gun. Remember, The Rampager has two brief immunity phases, so don’t expect to instantly kill this fearsome foe.

For the unfamiliar, the Good Juju is Borderlands 3’s version of Destiny 2’s Bad Juju. This burst-fire assault rifle reloads ammo after every kill. It can come with Corrosive Cryo, and Radiation elemental damage. In Destiny 2, the Bad Juju is a weapon that players can earn that reloads after every kill via the String of Curses ability. The quote reads “Kinda, sorta wants to end all existence,” which is another reference to the weapon which has the lore entry “”If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, then so it will.”

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