How to Play Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta: Times & More

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We’ve seen many games over the years step up to the plate to try and knock Dead by Daylight off its pedestal as king of the asymmetrical horror genre.

Where Friday the 13th: The Game and Last Year: The Nightmare failed, Capcom’s Resident Evil Resistance is looking to succeed.

One thing that it has working in its favor is it will have a massive install base thanks to being included with Resident Evil 3, which is bound to be popular with or without the bonus of Resistance.

For those still on the fence with Capcom’s asymmetrical offering, they will be able to try out the game via an open beta.

Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta Times

resident evil resistance beta dates

CapcomResistance features a beta period for players to test out the game.

Capcom will be releasing a demo for Resident Evil 3 on March 19 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but Resistance will not be included with that.

Instead, players will have to wait until March 27 for this to become available, but it’ll be out for free across the same platforms and run until the game’s official release on April 3. When this happens, it’ll presumably be available to download through your platform’s respective storefront.

All of the content found in the main game won’t be here, but it’ll certainly be enough for players to figure out if the game is right for them or not.

What’s In The Beta?

resident evil resistance beta times

CapcomResident Evil Resistance is available for free with RE 3.

At launch, there will be six different Survivors and four separate Masterminds, but the beta will only include four and one respectively.

Unlike Dead by Daylight, Resistance’s Survivors will each their own unique abilities, which makes who you choose an important decision. The goal of the game is to escape the Mastermind, who has the task of eliminating all of the survivors.

The Mastermind in the beta will be Daniel Fabron, and while we don’t yet have a clear idea of what to expect from him, we’re sure all of that will be made clear when the beta releases. Other Masters that will be found in the full release include the likes of Alex Wesker, Ozwell Spencer and Annette Birkin.

Masterminds have a deck of cards to go through that allow them to place traps and weapons down on the ground that will deter the survivors. It certainly sounds like an exciting twist on the genre that will surely be able to grab a few fans.

resident evil resistance open beta

CapcomTry Resident Evil Resistance out for free ahead of the release with an open beta.

Whether Resistance succeeds or not will largely come down to whether Capcom will continue supporting it after it releases.

Friday the 13th was doomed by a lawsuit and the playerbase subsequently died off when the content stopped coming in. The game had plans for Jason X content that never came to fruition, much to the fans’ dismay.

We don’t yet know exactly what the devs have in store for Resident Evil Resistance, but the early returns so far are quite good, so we’ll just have to hope they are able to keep the ball rolling.

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