How to Open the West Office Safe in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 West Office Safe

Did you really think you were safe from the horrors of the Raccoon City Police Department in Resident Evil 3? The first location you visit when playing as Carlos, the RCPD has several safes and lockers you can open. If you played Resident Evil 2, then their location and even combinations are exactly the same. This makes it easy loot you shouldn’t ignore when playing as Carlos. Considering you’ll need some of the upgrades found in the RCPD, it’s definitely worth seeking out the hidden loot.

RCPD West Office Safe Combination

Just like in Resident Evil 2, the combination for this safe is 9 (Left), 15 (Right), 7 (Left). Inside you’ll find a Hip Pouch, which permanently increases your inventory size by two. Keep in mind, there are several zombies scattered throughout this room and the hallway. Be prepared to fight your way inside so try to conserve your assault rifle ammo by aiming for the head. Shoot in short bursts and always, always check to see if a zombie is playing dead on the ground.

Unfortunately, you cannot raid Leon’s desk and take the goodies meant for the rookie. There is also a S.T.A.R.S. Storage Box in the room connected to the West Office. You can open this by getting the ID Badge off zombie Brad who is outside the RCPD. Inside the storage box is an optical sight for Carlos’s assault rifle. This makes aiming his weapon, especially when on the move much easier. We recommend grabbing both this and the Hip Pouch before you progress through the story.

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