Fortnite Leak Shows How Many Scrapped Collabs There Are

fortnite scrapped collaborations

Epic Games

Throughout much of Fortnite Chapter 2, there have been collaborations with brands ranging from Halo and God of War to Star Wars and Tron.

With pretty much everything that exists on earth possible in Fortnite, and that includes musicians, it’s tough to tell exactly where Epic would draw the line on what’s possible and what isn’t.

While we’ve gotten a ton of franchises to come into Fortnite, it might surprise you to see just how many things didn’t make it in. No, nobody was actually turned away, at least that we know of, but some of the cosmetics were originally going to have more to them.

In a new leak, we learn just how much stuff was left on the table. Let’s dive right in and see what we missed out on.

Lots of Scrapped Cosmetics

This leak by FireMonkey goes over several of the cosmetics that did come to Fortnite, but it reveals that there was supposed to be more with them.

For example, Venom was originally going to have a glider and contrail that came with him, but it just didn’t materialize. Here’s the full list of stuff that never quite made it to Fortnite, even though it was in the works at some point.

  • Deadpool
    • Fishstick-style outfit
    • Emote
  • Beast Boy
    • Glider
  • Venom
    • Contrail
    • Glider
  • Aquaman
    • Wrap
  • Borderlands
    • Bunny Emote
    • Grenade Emote
  • Lara Croft
    • Loading Screen
  • Tart Tycoon
    • Back Bling
  • Travis Scott
    • Emote
    • Banner
    • Wrap
    • 3 Variants
  • Marshmello
    • Pickaxe
    • Wrap
    • Variants
  • Ant-Man
    • Emote
  • Ferrari
    • Wrap

That’s a lot of stuff that was being planned that never arrived, so the question that remains is what happened?

It’s likely that we’ll never know why none of this came out, so you shouldn’t really lose sleep over it. With many of these characters only being available for a limited time, such as Aquaman or Lara Croft, it seems like a big missed opportunity.

Could Any of This Ever Release?

Epic Games

Due to the limited releases of many of the skins, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to get our hands on any of it.

Lara Croft, Aquaman and Deadpool are all gone for good, so they will more than likely not be getting any additional cosmetics. The fact that none of these came out probably means we won’t be getting our hands on them ever, so it might be time to hang it up.

Something that casts even more doubt on the possibility of these releasing is the fact that Travis Scott has only been in the shop once. If these cosmetics were coming out, he would have to come back to the Item Shop, but it just doesn’t seem like that will be happening any time soon.

Some of these would’ve been cool to see, especially a symbiote as a contrail with Venom, but it doesn’t look like any of this will be come a reality.

The good thing is that Epic has the ability to keep us distracted with the plethora of skins that are still on the way. Perhaps something cooler than all of these scrapped cosmetics will come out and we’ll forget all about this list.

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