Karolina Sevastyanova: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maria Kirilenko broke off her engagement to hockey player Alex Ovechkin after pictures surfaced on social media of her fiance spending time with retired Russian gymnast Karolina Sevastyanova.

On her Instagram acount, she posted the photo below, which is one of the three incriminating ones that led to the split.

Here’s what we know about the young woman who’s causing some drama.

1. She Was a Russian Gymnast

Karolina Sevastyanova 2003Золотые листья 2003 Упражнение б/п -8 лет2011-01-14T22:32:22.000Z

The video above, taken in 2003, shows a much younger Sevastyanova perfecting a very complicated routine.
At just 10 years old, you can see her already excelling in her field.

2. She Retired at 17

After she completed the London Olympics, she retired from the sport.

3. She Participated in the London Olympics & Won Most Beautiful

Sevastyanova was voted the most beautiful female athlete from the CIS countries participating at the 2012 Olympics.

With her teammates Uliana Donskova, Anastasia Bliznyuk, Alina Makarenko, Anastasia Nazarenko, and Ksenia Dudkina, she won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics group all around.

Karolina Sevastyanova


Here is her profile on the Olympics‘ official page.

4. She Competed in Miss Valentine 2005

According to the event’s Facebook page, “Miss Valentine is the biggest international gymnastics tournament in Estonia.”

5. She Plans on Going to College

According to Wikipedia, she wants to attend Moscow State University and become a broadcaster.