POLL: Who Won the GOP Debate?

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Marco Rubio, here at a campaign event, presented bold ideas at tonight’s GOP debate in Houston, Texas. (Getty)

The last GOP debate before the Super Tuesday primaries featured harsh, often personal exchanges between the remaining contenders. Although the previous three contests have gone to Trump, the debate was held in Cruz’s home state of Texas. The majority of airtime was devoted to Trump’s rivals attempting to take down the frontrunner, who has built nearly unstoppable momentum.

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Supreme Court

Ted Cruz sharply criticized GOP SCOTUS nominees:

Carson reiterated his life-as-litmus-test policy:

The Race

Donald Trump called out Cruz as unlikeable:

He also referred to his outsider status:

Rubio challenged Trump’s honesty and speculated on his real business acumen:

Economic Policy

Kasich was asked about his tax plan, and responded:

Health Care

Trump referred to campaign finance as the reason health care companies are able to see laws made in their favor:

Rubio accused the Trump plan of lacking key details:


Trump had a defiant response to the Mexican President’s criticism:

Rubio referenced the recent controversy surrounding Trump’s hiring practices:

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