Steve Dillon Dead: Who Was The Comic Book Artist?

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On Saturday morning, graphic novelist and author Warren Ellis revealed that fellow graphic artist, Steve Dillon, has passed away at 54.

Glyn Dillon, Steve’s younger brother and fellow comic and film storyboard/concept artist, took to Twitter to confirm his brother’s passing. His Tweet reads, “Sad to confirm the death of Steve, my big brother and my hero. He passed away in the city he loved (NYC). He will be sorely missed. Cheers x”

Steve Dillon, 54, was an English comic book artist from Luton, Bedfordshire, who was perhaps best known for co-creating Preacher, a comic book series that influenced Steven King’s own series, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born. describes Dillon as an “artistic prodigy”.

Though a cause of death has not yet been reported, Bleeding Cool writes that Dillon had been sick in recent years. “We knew he’d been sick… but, of late had been teetotal. He’d slimmed down dramatically but his workload was ramping up… He still hit the bars, though now with a glass of lemonade, and remained the life and soul.”

Preacher was recently adapted into a TV show for AMC, and is overseen by Breaking Bad writer-producer Sam Catlin, and Preacher fans Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. In his May interview with EW, Dillon said, “I remember drawing the first issue thinking, ‘This is either going to bomb completely or enough people will get it to make it a cult success.’ Luckily, enough readers did get it and realized where we were coming from with it. We had a strange mix of letters coming in. Everything from ‘Wow! This is crazy stuff, man!’ to long, well-thought-out analysis of each issue.”

Dillon’s first professional work (published when he was just 16) was the title story in the first issue of Marvel UK’s Hulk Weekly. He went on to draw for Warrior and Doctor Who Magazine, and is known for creating the character of Abslom Daak. In 1988, the artist co-created a magazine called Deadline, which ran for seven years.

Dillon’s last Tweet was written on October 7.

After receiving word of Dillon’s death, fans and fellow artists took to Twitter to pay tribute to the artist.

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