Lisa Bloom: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Attorney Lisa Bloom has landed another high-profile client.

Bloom announced that she is representing Kathy Griffin in the wake of the comedian’s controversial photo shoot in which she held a bloody, severed head of President Donald Trump.

Griffin has received much backlash after the photos were published, as she was forced to apologize and was fired from CNN’s annual New Years Eve special.

First Lady Melania Trump released a statement that said she found the photos to be “very disturbing.

“When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it,” Melania said.

Trump also sent out a tweet criticizing Griffin for going through with the photo shoot, saying it horrified his 10-year-old son Barron.

Bloom and Griffin are set to hold a press conference at 11 a.m. EDT in Los Angeles on June 2 to address the matter. A statement said that Griffin has been the victim of “bullying from the Trump family.”

Here’s what you need to know about Bloom:

1. Bloom Owns a General Practice Law Firm

Janice Dickinson, left, and Lisa Bloom on March 29, 2016. (Getty)

Bloom earned her bachelor’s degree from UCLA and was National College Debate Champion during her time at the school. She went on to earn her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, where she won the Moot Court competitionf.

Once she earned her law degree, she started on a career path and soon enough opened up The Bloom Firm. The business specializes in family, civil and criminal matters and has eight attorneys. It’s based out of Woodland Hills, California and is rated “10” on She’s able to practice law in New York and California.

Its website says that it’s “not afraid of a high-profile case,” and numerous personalities can vouch for that. She’s represented model Janice Dickinson, actress Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael and many CEOs from companies across the country.

Bloom once represented a woman who claimed Trump raped her 20 years ago when she was a 13-year old aspiring teen model. But the accuser dropped the lawsuit multiple times.

2. She Had a Law-Based TV Show

Lisa Bloom, right, and Michael Lohan on July 20, 2010. (Getty)

In addition to Bloom’s numerous appearances as a legal analyst on CBS News, CNN, HLN and MSNBC, she’s also appeared as a guest on The Insider, Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil and The Joy Behar Show.

From 2006 to 2009, Bloom hosted a show on truTV called Lisa Bloom: Open Court. The show featured live trial coverage with many commentators.

Lisa Bloom 2008 Reel2010-01-22T00:02:46.000Z

In 2009, Bloom decided to leave the network to move to Los Angeles to “be closer to her family and pursue a new chapter in her career.”

“Being an anchor at Court TV/IN SESSION has been a dream job and the best job of my life, hands down,” Bloom said in a statement after her departure was announced. “But it’s time for me to return to my hometown of Los Angeles and pursue new challenges, especially writing. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my network and my show team for eight fantastic years.”

Bloom pursued her dreams of being an author with her May 2011 book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World. In the book, Bloom analyzed the contradiction that American girls and women live today. That includes excelling at school but then obsessing over celebrities. The book was on the New York Times bestseller list.

She followed that up with another book in May 2012 titled, Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness, and Thug Culture.

3. She Represented Clients In the Bill O’Reilly Sex Accusations

Lisa Bloom, left, and Doctor Wendy Walsh. (Getty)

One of the more notable cases that Bloom has taken on was when she represented Wendy Walsh, a psychologist and radio host who said she was no longer offered to be a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show after she refused sexual advances from him.

She called on the New York State Division of Human Rights to do something about Fox News, which she labeled a “cesspool of sexual harassment, intimidation and retaliation.”

Bloom filed a letter to the group asking for an investigation into multiple sexual harassment claims at the news outlet.

Read her full letter here.

In the accusations against O’Reilly, she also represented a client that worked for O’Reilly in 2008, whom he allegedly referred to as “hot chocolate” when nobody was around.

She’s known by some as being the driving factor being O’Reilly’s firing from Fox News in April.

“I am very proud to have stood with my brave clients who stood up for themselves and all the silenced women,” she wrote in a statement after he was fired. “Fox News should have fired him in 2004 when the first complaint was made, but at least they did it now. They did it because we persisted.”

4. She Unsuccessfully Tried to Sue the Boy Scouts


In 1997, Bloom tried to take on the Boy Scouts of America. She represented, teenager Katrina Yeaw, and her father in a case against the group that accused it of “discriminating against girls by excluding them from membership.” The lawsuit said that “the Boy Scouts is not a business establishment,” meaning that they don’t have the right to choose which gender is able to be in the group.

However, the lawsuit was thrown out.

She also once filed a child sexual abuse case against the Roman Catholic Church and several against the Los Angeles Police Department. One of those suits includes representing a client that was a use of force expert in the Rodney King beating trial.

5. She’s Been Divorced Twice & Has 2 Children


Bloom has reportedly been married twice in her life and is currently divorced. She was most recently married to Branden Pollock, a financier.

Bloom has two children: Sarah and Sam. She told Style Bluprint about her parenting style.

“I’m not a super-worrying kind of parent,” Bloom, who was described as a “parenting expert” said to the publication. “I’ve always believed in teaching them the skills they need for their particular skill level and then letting them fly.”

Bloom is also known to be a vegan. She told the Vegetarian Times in 2010 that her vegan lifestyle gives her all sorts of energy.

I credit my vegan diet with giving me plenty of energy, and I also eat frequently throughout the day. I eat healthful food whenever I’m hungry. There’s no magic to it. I eat a lot of delicious, vitamin-rich foods, like purple cabbage, red chard, bell peppers, tomatoes, and kale and¨other leafy greens.

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