Eric Bolling’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Eric and Chase Bolling

Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase Bolling, tragically died on Friday night from a drug overdose, TMZ reported. Chase was only 19 and Eric’s only son. His death comes while Eric has been fighting allegations that he sent lewd text messages to co-workers. It was just confirmed on Friday that Fox News was parting ways with Eric after 10 years and cancelling his show The Specialists. At this time, details about Chase’s death are still being investigated.

Here is more information about Eric Bolling’s family.

1. Chase, 19, Was Eric Bolling’s Only Child

Eric Chase Jr. pre-prom. My guy is growing up.

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Eric Chase Bolling was born in 1998 and was Adrienne and Eric’s only child.

In January 2012, Bolling posted on Facebook that Chase was rushed to the ICU because he had a lacerated spleen while snowboarding. On The FiveEric praised the next day, his son’s doctors. “No amount of money … that you can pay doctors and nurses is too much. They deserve every penny,” he said.

When his son was in preschool, Eric lost $2 million in a missed business opportunity reading a book to Chase’s class. He told Bezinga:

Overnight some weather pattern had changed. It was supposed to be mild weather, well it was freezing. It was frigid weather, some Canadian air had come down, and natural gas was popping off the charts, it was just exploding. 20 cents, 40 cents, 80 cents higher. And I’m short, I was bearish. I’m sitting down and we started reading Spider and the Fly, and my phone is buzzing off the hook, and I can only think it’s one of two things. It’s either really good because the market turned around and I’m right, or really bad, really really really bad, because the people wouldn’t bother me unless it was something really bad.

2. Adrienne Bolling — Chase’s Mother & Eric’s Wife — Was Devoted to Her Son & They Often Did Family Activities Together

Adrienne and Eric, 54, have been married since 1997. Eric told TV Newser in 2015 that his wife was always the first person he would kiss to ring in the new year. “Look, a kiss from my lovely wife first and then one from my lovely co-host [Kimberly Guilfoyle]… Guess who’s the luckiest guy in America?”

Adrienne, Chase, and Eric would often visit Orlando theme parks together as a family whenever they have the chance, Eric told Rollins College.

They also would help the needy on holidays.

Learn more about Adrienne Bolling in Heavy’s story below:

3. Eric’s Dad Was a Traveling Salesman and His Mom Sold Coats

Eric has said that his parents were poor, but they worked hard, The Blaze reported. He said they installed values and ethics into his life that helped him find success in business as an adult. They would point out examples of other successful people and encourage Eric to push for the same in his own life. He told The Blaze:

When I was young 10 or 11 year old my mom took me to buy sneakers. I wanted the PRO-Keds, and she said ‘We can’t afford them.’ It was the first time I realized there were classes — and we weren’t part of the class that could afford PRO-Keds.”

He said that this was the moment he realized he needed to make things better for his family.

Eric expanded on his parents in an interview with Chicago Magazine in 2016. He said his father was a traveling salesman and his mom sold women’s coats at Marshall Fields. He said they lived in Sauganash because his maternal grandfather had been a builder, but his company failed after he built two homes. He lived in one of the two homes his grandfather built. So he grew up in a wealthy neighborhood, but he was poor, and he always felt like an outsider.

On The Five in 2012, Eric referred to himself as an Italian boy who never left his mom, when the cast talked about their parents.

Very quickly, I’m Italian boy who never left his mom. Technically, she passed away eight years ago and still feels like it happened yesterday. Mom, love you.

After he couldn’t recover from an injury, he said his dad wouldn’t let him feel sorry for himself. He showed him a classified ad for a casting call at the Hyatt. He got one of the five marketing jobs and became a traveling salesman for a while, just like his dad.

4. Chase Was a Great Baseball Player, Taking After His Dad

Eric bragged about Chase to Fox News in 2013. He said:

Yes I do, I adore my family. I’ve been married to my beautiful (inside and out) wife Adrienne for 16 years. And we have an awesome son Eric Chase, a great student and also a fine baseball player. He plays left field for the local HS team.”

In high school, Chase played left field.

5. Eric Loved His Son Immensely

In an interview with Fox News in 2013, Eric said:

My faith, my family and then my conservatism. Big three for me. I am a self-professed #BitterClinger. I love all things Constitutional!

In 2014, Eric said that for Father’s Day, he got the “greatest gift of his entire life.” It was an email from Chase’s school saying that Chase had been named Math Student of the Month.


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It is terrible to have to live live in the public eye. Almost unbearable pressure. I sm so sorry about the loss of Eric and Adrienne’s son. What a burden to bear. My prayers and love will be with you.

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