Safe Grabs After ‘Shark Tank’ Deal With Lori – $2.2 Million in Sales Within 3 Months

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In Season 8, Safe Grabs entered the Shark Tank with their multi-purpose silicone disks for your microwave.

Back then, we interviewed founder Cyndi Lee who created the product because she kept burning her fingers taking hot dishes out of the microwave. Besides protecting your hands, it can also be used as a splatter guard, trivet, pot cover and jar opener.

Within only three months of clinching a deal with Lori in the Tank, Lee said she enjoyed $3.3 million in sales. This includes selling out on QVC less than 15 hours after their appearance on the show. “Lori called me right after QVC airing and we were both beyond excited! I remember jumping up and down because I knew at that moment I was going to move out of my parents home,” Lee said.

When asked what surprised her about diving into the Tank, she replied:

Just about everything, it’s so surreal… The power of Shark Tank can definitely escalate your business to the next level with lightning speed but you better know how to apply all your business acumen when it happens! This show is just amazing for all entrepreneurs and with perseverance I made it on my 3rd try so don’t give up! 

Interested in Safe Grabs? Buy them here.

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