Tubbs Fire Before and After Photos: The Santa Rosa Destruction

tubbs fire

Getty A toy car is left scorched in a neighborhood destroyed by fire near Cardinal Newman High School on October 10,

The “Tubbs Fire” in the Santa Rosa area of California’s wine country has destroyed more than 570 structures as multiple wildfires have cost at least 17 people their lives with many more missing. See before and after photos of the structural damage below.

Most of the victims died in Sonoma County, where Santa Rosa is located, according to the Mercury News. CalFire reports that the Tubbs Fire is threatening more than 16,000 structures and had burned 27,000 acres as of October 10.

The blaze had destroyed 550 residential homes and 22 commercial businesses. The Washington Post reported that the Tubbs Fire, “the largest blaze in Sonoma County, started late Sunday night in Calistoga before spreading to Santa Rosa.” The Atlas Fire “started off Atlas Peak Road before burning southwest to just outside of the city of Napa,” according to The Post, which added that more than a dozen wildfires in all were racing through the California wine country.

The scenes of devastation were particularly dramatic and heart-wrenching in Santa Rosa and nearby, and before-and-after photos of the devastation told the story. Here are some of those before-and-after photos from the California wildfires, including Santa Rosa and from Napa.

Coffey Park Neighborhood

According to ABC News, Coffey Park “is one of the neighborhoods that has been left in ruins because of the North Bay wildfires.”

“Coffey Park was once full of lush trees and family homes, but the uncontrolled flames left almost every house destroyed,” ABC reported.

Santa Rosa Kmart

Commercial businesses, like the local Kmart, also burned to the ground.

SFRD Station 5 in Fountain Grove

Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa

Cardinal Newman High School dated back to the 1960s. “Cardinal Newman High School began as an idea to match a need, the need to provide a Catholic high school for boys in Santa Rosa, the growing center of Sonoma County,” its history page says.

The school had built a new science building as recently as 2015.

Journey’s End Mobile Home Park

This mobile home park was a retirement community.

General Views of Santa Rosa Before and After


Signorello Vineyards in Napa Valley


You read a list of damaged and destroyed buildings and businesses here:

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