PHOTOS: Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Pilot Hero for Flight 1380

Tammie Jo Shults

Kevin Garber MidAmerica Nazarene University Tammie Jo Shults

Tammie Jo Shults is the pilot who bravely flew Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 to safety, after an engine came apart during the flight and smashed open a window, nearly sucking a woman out of the plane during the flight. The flight was en route to Dallas Love airport from New York City, and had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Tammie, her co-pilot, and the rest of the crew have rightly been called heroes for staying calmly and safely landing the plan. Here are some photos of Tammie Jo Shults, including a Facebook photo shared by her daughter.

Tammie Jo is married to fellow Southwest pilot, Dean Shults, according to MidAmerica Nazarene University. They live in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, and have two children, Sydney and Marshall. They previously lived in Boerne, Texas. The photo below is one that her daughter, Sydney, shared on Facebook, calling it a throwback to when they were on a trip out of the country.

Tammie Jo and her daughter

FacebookTammie Jo and her daughter

Shults remained calm and collected during the entire flight, as you can hear on a 30-minute audio recording with the flight tower.  She’s been a hero much of her life. In fact, she was one of the first women to be a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy.

She wasn’t allowed to fly in combat while she was in the Navy, according to a 2006 article that is no longer online but can be accessed in a forum about fighter pilots here.  But she did become an “aggressor pilot” and an instructor. She resigned her commission in 1993 and joined Southwest Airlines.

Here’s another photo of her from when she was in the Navy:

Navy/All Hands MagazineShults in the Navy

After the flight, she took time to speak to each of the passengers personally, shared Diana McBride Self. Self wrote: “Tammie Jo Schults, the pilot came back to speak to each of us personally. This is a true American Hero. A huge thank you for her knowledge, guidance and bravery in a traumatic situation. God bless her and all the crew.”

Shults and passengers

FacebookShults and passengers

Here’s another photo of Shults, after the flight:

Mid America Nazarene University shared a number of photos of Shults, after she was there to give a speech at a luncheon. They wrote on Facebook: “The Office of Alumni Relations welcomes back to campus Capt. Tammie Jo Shults (’83). Tammie Jo was one of the first female fighter pilots for the US Navy. She spoke at a lunch and learn on campus, Monday. Tammie Jo and her husband Dean live in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas. She is currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines.”

Here are some of the photos they shared:

Many on social media are celebrating Tammie Jo’s heroism.

Officials said there were mostly minor injuries on the flight, but one passenger died. NTSB is investigating the cause of the accident. There were 143 passengers on the flight and five crew.

Learn more about Shults in Heavy’s story below:

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