California Fire Map: List of Fires Near Me Right Now [UPDATED July 7]

California Fires Near Me

CAL FIRE and Google Maps California Fires Near Me

Fires continue to be a problem in California. The biggest fire is still the County Fire in Yolo County, but there are others you will want to keep an eye on also, including the Valley Fire, which just issued a number of mandatory evacuations, and the West/Valley fire. Here is a list, with maps, of the larger fires around the state, their current containment levels, and where they are located for Saturday, July 7. Read on for more details. News is constantly changing, so call your local officials if you are concerned about evacuations near you. (Note: This story was originally written for July 6, but has been updated to reflect changes for July 7.)

General Map of California Fires

This map below is an interactive map of some of the bigger fires in California right now on July 7, provided by CAL FIRE and Google. Fires in red are active and fires in black are contained.

The map above lists numerous active fires, which this article will describe in more detail in the next section. The California Governor’s office had another active fire map for comparison, but sadly they have made the map available only to people who have a login.

And here is another detailed map of the fires, courtesy of GMAP4 and You can zoom in to see the areas of most interest to you or zoom out to see the whole state. Note that due to new requirements by Google, the map will no longer be active on July 15.

Here is a map of the fires from the Bureau of Land Management from July 6:

List of Active Fires in California as of July 7

Here are the active fires and updates about them, per CAL FIRE. Most of these are in alphabetical order, but newer fires not yet listed on the CAL FIRE map may be included in a separate section at the end.

Box Fire

This fire is off Highway 15 and Kenwood Avenue, north of San Bernardino in San Bernardino County. It’s 100 acres and 15 percent contained (some newer sources are saying 50 percent.) Two lanes of I-15 northbound are closed into Devore Heights. No evacuations have been issued.

Building Fire

This is a 10 acre fire off Highway 94 and Community Building Road near Dulzura in San Diego County. It’s now 75 percent contained.

Canyon Fire

CAL FIRE has been assisting Los Padres National Forest with this fire, which is located north of Lake Piru in Los Angeles County, and is listed as active on CAL FIRE’s map. It’s unclear what the current status for this fire is.

County Fire in Yolo County

A fire broke out in Yolo County last Saturday afternoon, a week ago, Press Democrat reported. It is in the rural community of Guinda in Yolo County. This fire quickly grew to 1,000 acres in just a few hours, burning south of Guinda near County Road 63, about seven miles north of Cache Creek Casino, the Press Democrat has shared. The fire was originally called the Guinda Fire and was later renamed the County Fire. As of Monday morning, the fire had grown to 44,500 acres and was 3 percent contained. On Tuesday it had grown to 70,000 acres and 5 percent contained. As of Saturday, it is now 88,375 acres and 48 percent contained. Containment is increasing every day, which is a promising sign.

Mandatory evacuations were issued in the following areas, according to CAL FIRE on July 7 at 7 a.m.: “West of State Highway 16, to Berryessa Knoxville Road, South of Old County Road 40, and North of County Road 53.  West of State Highway 16 to the Yolo/ Lake County Line, North of County Road 40, and South of the Yolo County line.”

The latest update did not mention evacuation advisories.

Here are ops maps for the fire from July 6:

According to CAL FIRE, road closures have been noted in the following areas: “Berryessa Knoxville Road, from the Pope Creek Bridge to the Napa/Lake County line. State Highway 16 has been closed between State Highway 20 and Rumsey Hall.”

If you have questions about current evacuations and advisories in Yolo County, call 211. For questions regarding Napa County, text your ZIP code to 888777.

Holiday Fire

This is the newest fire. It’s off Fairview Avenue and Holiday Hill Road, in the City of Goleta in Santa Barbara County. It’s 50 acres and 5 percent contained. An evacuation center was established at the Goleta Valley Community Center. Twenty structures were damaged.

And a current map:

Irish Fire (Amador County Fire)

This fire was just added to the CAL FIRE map on Friday afternoon. On Friday it was a 200-acre fire off Irish Hill Road and Carbondale Road, north of Ione in Amador County and 5 percent contained. Now on Saturday, it’s 790 acres but it’s also 50 percent contained. Mandatory evacuations were issued for the Willow Creek Ranch Estates, as of Saturday morning. CAL FIRE is saying that forward spread on this fire has been stopped.

Klamathon Fire

This newer fire is off Klamathon Road and Copco Road, south of Hornbrook (Siskiyou County.) On Friday it was 9,600 acres and 5 percent contained. It’s grown significantly since then, now at 21,803 acres and 5 percent contained. It has more than doubled in size. You can see an interactive map of the Klamathon fire above, from Gmap4 and Unfortunately, this map will no longer be active as of July 15 due to new rules from Google.

Evacuations are in effect for this fire, and an evacuation shelter is open at Jackson Street School. A large animal shelter is at Siskiyou Fairgrounds, and small animals can be taken to the Jackson Street Elementary shelter. According to Inciweb, the following evacuations were in effect as of 6:54 a.m. July 7:

  • The communities of Hornbrook, Hilt, Colestin and Irongate Reservoir.
  • Iron Gate Estates; East of railroad tracks to Iron Gate Reservoir, and from the California state line south to Copco Road.

The following evacuation warnings were also issued, according to Inciweb:

  • East of the Yreka Western Railroad to Iron Gate Reservoir and South to Copco/Ager and North to the CA/OR State line.
  • Klamath River Estates, east of Black Mountain to Desavado Road, south of Copco Road to Ager – Beswick Road.

This fire is near the Oregon border.

An evacuation center was set up at Jackson Street School in Yreka, CA, and Ashland High School in Ashland, Oregon. Small animals can be taken to Jackson Street Elementary shelter. Large animals can be taken to the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds in Yreka.

Lions Fire

This fire is located in the Sierra National Forest. It is now 4,064 acres with 73 percent containment.This fire was caused by lightning. According to InciWeb, crews are reinforcing and securing the fireline to hold the fire’s current size. Air quality in surrounding areas has been slightly affected. The following trails have been temporarily closed: “Sierra National Forest Trails No. 26E01 (Mammoth Trail) to the Inyo NF Boundary, 26E14, 26E56, and 26E46 from the Inyo NF boundary. Inyo NF trail closures include 26E01 from the Sierra NF to 2601 junction. Trail closures will remain in place until fire management staff determines that it is safe to reopen the area.”

Pawnee Fire

The Pawnee Fire is located off Pawnee Road and New Long Valley Road, northeast of Clearlake Oaks in Lake County. It’s 15,185 acres and 95 percent contained. Twenty-two structures were destroyed in the fire.  For the latest evacuation updates, see the Lake Sheriff’s website.  Due to current weather conditions, fire behavior has diminished, although a threat remains.

Petersburg Fire

This fire is 215 acres and located three miles south of Petersburg station. It started on July 1. An evacuation order is in effect for Lakeview Ranch and Glacier View Ranch. The evacuation order for Big Flat was downgraded to a warning. The fire is 90 percent contained.

Upper Colony Fire

This fire is located off Upper Colony Road, Smith Valley, East of Highway 395 in Nevada. It’s not a California fire, but close enough that CAL FIRE is listing it on its map. However, recent reports indicate the fire is now fully contained.

Valley Fire

A new fire is called the Valley Fire. It grew quickly from 200 acres on Friday to 1,000 acres today. It’s near Forest Falls/Mountain Home at Highway 38 and is moving uphill at a fast rate of speed. (According to CAL FIRE, it’s at the Valley of the Falls Dr. and Service Road 1S08.)

According to Inciweb, evacuations are in place for the Forest Falls Community east of Highway 38. An evacuation shelter is set up at Inland Leaders Charter School, and pets may be taken to Devore Animal Shelter.

According to KTLA 5, Highway 38 between Los Angeles Oaks and Bryant has been shut down to Lake Williams Drive.

West Fire (Also Called the Alpine Fire)

Above is an interactive map of the West Fire.

Dubbed by many as the “Alpine Fire” or the “West Fire,” it was at more than 35 acres with multiple structures involved early Friday afternoon. By a few hours later, it was at 350 acres and 0 percent contained. Now it’s at 400 acres and 30 percent contained, according to CAL FIRE. On Friday night it was only 5 percent contained, so firefighters are starting to gain some ground.

The fire is located on I-8 at Willows and Alpine Blvd, near Viejas and Casino, KUSI reported.  It’s not clear what started the fire. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has called for immediate evacuations at the Highland Mobile Home Park (the Alpine Oaks Estate), and also the area right behind the Albertson’s at 2955 Alpine Blvd on Friday.

Updated evacuation news will be posted by the San Diego County Emergency Site.

An evacuation center was set up at Viejas Casino at 5000 Willows Road KUSI reported. A second center was at the SDG&E parking lot at 1100 Tavern Road.

Additional Newer Fires (Not all Listed on the CAL FIRE Map)

Sylmar Fire

A brush fire was noted on Sylmar on I-5 NB at Roxford Street on Friday afternoon. It stopped traffic back to Highway 118. CAL FIRE described this as a vegetation fire on about 1/4 acre.

The fire burned about 3/4 acre and an office outbuilding.

Not much more has been reported about the fire since.

Camp Pendleton Fire

NBC San Diego reported that this fire was 125 acres on Friday. Also called the Vandegrift Fire, it broke out around 11:30 a.m. on Friday. By 3:30 p.m. it had jumped to 125 acres and was at 560 acres on Saturday and 70 percent contained. Evacuations were in place in some areas. See Camp Pendleton’s Twitter account @MCIWPendletonCA for the latest evacuation news.

According to NBC 7, the two fires in the Camp Pendleton area continued to burn on Saturday. A second fire, the Horno Fire, was 1,000 acres by Saturday.

Miramar Fire

Reports on Friday noted that a fire was on MCAS Miramar property, east of I-15. NBC 7 reported that it was a brush fire in the Pomerado area, east of the military base, burning near the Stonebridge Estates south of the Scripps Poway Parkway. On Saturday, containment was at 30 percent and the fire was stopped at 100 acres.

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association posted on Facebook on Friday: “You may see a large plume of smoke just past StoneBridge Estates. There is a fire that was just reported on East Miramar between Santee Lakes and StoneBridge. Firefighters and helicopters are already at the scene. No other details available at this time. We will keep you updated as needed.” On Saturday they reported: “Update Saturday, July 7, at 9 am — Equipment and crews were swapped out and they continue to mop up hot spots.”

Fire in Irwindale near the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area

A few additional fires cropped up Thursday night, but they weren’t listed on the CAL FIRE map. One of these was an Irwindale Fire. This was a multi-acre brush fire near the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale that started on Thursday night. Latest reports seem to indicate this one has been fully contained.

This is a developing story.

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Regarding the report on the Valley fire: “Los Angeles Oaks” should be “Angelus Oaks”.

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