Uber Down: Issues With the Uber App Reported Worldwide

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The Uber App was down on Monday evening, according to thousands of users across the world. Uber Support has not yet fully explained the cause for the outages, though users flooded Twitter to report outages across the United States and in other countries as well.

In a statement to Spectrum News, an Uber spokesperson said,
“We are aware of a technical issue that is preventing some customers from using our app. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working quickly to resolve the issue.”

In addition to the central Uber app, users also reported that UberEats was down for several hours, as well, though it’s unclear if that outage was as widespread. What’s more, users also reported that the Uber phone line and website help systems were down, as well.

Uber drivers also reported issues with the app, with one user tweeting, “How is not trending!? My Uber driver app is not working and it’s apparently worldwide!

Uber Support never offered an official statement on the outage via Twitter, though it replied directly to several users confirming that it is looking into their frustrations.

The app now appears to be up and working properly, though there are still intermittent reports by Twitter users of frustration with the Uber and UberEats apps.

Here’s what you need to know:

Users Reported That the Uber Driver App Was Showing Nothing But a World Map

Several Uber drivers have tweeted screenshots of what they were seeing on the Uber driver app, noting that they saw a world map and no other information. Meanwhile, Uber riders also took to Twitter to complain about issues with the map and the Uber app overall, with one user tweeting, “ hey there! I’m having trouble with the app. My driver is “arriving” but I can’t track him. The GPS might be down or something?”

In some instances, riders and drivers communicated about their shared frustrations via Twitter. One user tweeted, “ Please work on your app. Spent close to 40 minutes waiting for a ride – only to find out the driver was never notified and I waited for nothing. MIND YOU, the app showed his vehicle headed my way.”

In response, a driver wrote, “It’s because the Partner app is down… we are just as frustrated as you are. ?

The App Was Reported to Be Down in the United States, Australia, Canada, & More

Issues with the Uber app appear to have happened in multiple countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, parts of Europe and parts of Mexico. The app was first reported to be down in the early evening, eastern time, and several drivers have begun to demand that Uber compensate them for their hours lost.

One user tweeted to Uber drivers, “best of luck tonight seems like an epic meltdown continent wide#uberdown”

Still another driver tweeted, “@Uber_Support Any chance you guys are planning on letting drivers know what’s going on with this global outage and when we can expect to get back online? Something more definitive then “ASAP” would be nice.”

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