All New York City Schools Closed Monday

Times Square Snow Storm

Getty A woman decorates a snowman in Times Square in 2016.

New York City is expecting the biggest snowfall of the season, prompting all schools citywide to close Monday, March 4, 2019. This includes all after-school and extracurricular activities. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect Northeastern New Jersey, portions of southern Connecticut, the Lower Hudson Valley, and New York City.

The city issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory, reports ABC News. The city expects up to 8 inches of snowfall and commuters are urged to take public transportation. Most of the snowfall is expected overnight.

“We’re looking at six to eight inches of snowfall in the city,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Pollina, according to New York Daily News.

States Across the Northeast Will Be Impacted

“The Federal Aviation Administration was reporting delays at Newark International Airport in New Jersey averaging 2 hours as of Sunday evening. Philadelphia International Airport was experiencing delays of just under an hour, the administration reported,” according to Daily Journal.

An unexpected storm caused chaos in the city in November. For Monday, “More than 2,300 pieces of equipment are out tonight across the five boroughs handling snow and ice conditions on NYC’s 6,300 miles of roads,” according to NYC Sanitation.

Officials Are Ready

New York airports and MTA are braced. Mayor Bill de Blasio broadcasted storm updates. Additionally, the mayor urged New Yorkers to call 311 if they lose heat or hot water and to check on vulnerable neighbors. Those living alone should reach out to neighbors as well.

NYC Emergency Management is posting transportation updates to Twitter, and offers a free app download. Beginning at 4:00 p.m. Sunday, they issued a #CodeBlue status to indicate shelter is available system-wide for walk-ins and anyone brought to a shelter by outreach teams.

City parks best for sledding include Central Park’s two well known sledding hills, Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill. According to, “Cedar Hill has become one of the top sledding spots in Central Park. There are two areas to the hill: the lower portion, that is separated by a walkway, is great for younger and beginner sledders. The hill from the top of the east drive down, is for the more adventuresome. Get there by entering the park between 76th and 79th St at Fifth Ave.”

NYC Parks provides a comprehensive borough-by-borough guide on where to go sledding. Feeling cold yet? New Yorkers are serious about hot chocolate, and the storm is likely to give restaurants a boost in delivery business.

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