Daniel John Burrough Accused of Inciting Racial Hatred

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As Brenton Tarrant made his first court hearing, Australian news sites were reporting that a second man – Daniel John Burrough – has been accused of inciting racial hatred.

The charges came on the same day as Tarrant’s court appearance in the mass shootings at two mosques.

According to Stuff, the teen was “charged over the alleged Facebook re-posting of the live stream of Friday’s mosque shootings and messages ‘inciting extreme violence.'” The site added that the teenager was accused of “showing a photograph of the mosque in Deans Avenue with the message ‘Target Acquired’ and further chat messaging around inciting extreme violence.”

“A second man Daniel John Burrough, 18, of Christchurch has been charged with intent to excite hostility or ill will against any group of persons in New Zealand on the ground of the colour, race or ethnic or national origins, published written matter which is insulting,” reported the news station FBC.com, in a story that focused on the Tarrant court hearing.

News.com.au, in a story about Tarrant appearing in court, also reported the same information.

Meanwhile, Tarrant appeared in court. Authorities said previously that three people, including Tarrant, were in custody. However, they have said almost nothing about those other two people – just that they are under investigation – and there’s been no evidence presented that Daniel John Burrough is one of them.

New Zealand police didn’t mention Daniel Burrough in a series of tweets on March 15, 2019, in which they focused on Tarrant. Referring to Tarrant, New Zealand police wrote: “The 28-year-old man charged with murder in relation to this attack has appeared in Christchurch District Court this morning.”

They also indicated, again referring to Tarrant, a white nationalist, “While the man is currently facing only one charge, further charges will be laid. Details of those charges will be communicated at the earliest possible opportunity.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Brenton Tarrant Flashed a White Power Symbol in Court

All eyes were on Brenton Tarrant in court on March 15, 2019, the day after the horrific mass shooting that horrified the world. According to the Guardian, Tarrant, 28, “was dressed in white prison clothing and looked confused at times. He made a white power gesture with his hand from the dock.”

FBC News reported that Tarrant smiled when he appeared in court. He was heavily guarded and wearing a prison smock. His next court hearing will be April 5, and he didn’t seek bail, Guardian reported. It’s likely he will be hit with more charges.

The New Zealand prime minister says that 49 people lost their lives and 20 were wounded in the horrific twin attacks on two mosques in Christchurch. Tarrant, who wrote a lengthy manifesto ranting about Muslims and global immigration patterns, also livestreamed the attack on Facebook. The extremely disturbing video shows the entire shooting scene in one of the two mosques, as the man who appears to be Brenton Tarrant ruthlessly guns down helpless people, including many who were already wounded.

The attacker is from Grafton, Australia, and he’s a former fitness trainer who wrote that he became radicalized when he left to see the world. His ideology seems grounded in white nationalism and racial grievance, especially against Muslims or those who aren’t European, and he scrawled the names of other mass shooters on his weapon.